Classic Reputation Boost

Classic Reputation

Buying WoW Retail Classic Reputation carry can save you weeks of pointless farming and allow you to enjoy the game you love playing so much. Boosting Vanilla rep such as Darkmoon faire or Ravenholdt offers great rewards for a relaxed and fast classic rep grinding that we have for sale. Don’t waste your time and get your Classic Rep boosted today!

Vanilla Reputation Boost ETA: ~1-4 weeks. (depending on the selected faction)

Any Classic WoW reputation on Retail servers is available for a fast carry by our professional boosting team. Bringing up Vanilla reps from various levels is also possible, talk to our 24/7 support for more details. Old WoW reps are unique and bring awesome rewards!

Classic reputation boosting service includes:

  • any level of WoW Classic reputation boosted up to Exalted;
  • various Vanilla rep unique mounts unlocked for purchase;
  • rare classic reputation pets;
  • Classic WoW factions transmogrification;
  • Vanilla reputation’s achievements for reaching Exalted.

Classic reputation is one of the hardest ones to get leveled up, due to its grinding nature. Most of the Vanilla reps are insanely boring and have no quests to level, however, some of them offer unique and very rare rewards that you definitely want to have in your collection.

If you have already started to farm reputation with some of the Classic WoW factions, don’t worry we can arrange a special order for you. To do so please speak to our Manager and he will do his best to assist you as soon as possible.

Additionally, before you buy our quick Vanilla rep leveling please be sure to check out our basic requirements for this type of carry service.


  • 50+ level character;
  • selected Classic reputation for grinding.

Vanilla reputation carry description

Buying the Classic reputation carry on WoW retail servers is very simple. Additionally, it saves you weeks of playing time and allows you to get all the cool rewards without boring rep grinding and tedious farming of classic quests and locations. To start your order simply select one of the classic reputations that you want to purchase and follow the simple vanilla rep buying process.

Here is the exact process of buying a classic rep for the WoW retail:

  • select the Classic WoW faction rep you want to level up;
  • add as many factions as you like from the list of all Vanilla rep boostings;
  • proceed to the checkout page to complete your order;
  • our manager will contact you that exact moment to complete your order;
  • after scheduling your Classic reputation carry you will be all set to start;
  • everything is settled you may now relax and get your rep leveled up by our team;
  • enjoy awesome rewards from old-style Classic reputations.

As you can see it is quite easy to buy a fast Vanilla WoW reputation grind from our carry team. So don’t miss this opportunity and get that fast Classic rep boost today!

Top 5 Classic reputations to buy

The rewards of Classic reputation grinding goes far beyond low polygon nostalgic transmogrification. It gives you much more than that. It gives you achievements and respect especially from the World of Warcraft veteran players.

These are our top 5 pics for the Classic reps that you might want to consider buying in WoW retail.

  1. Ravenholdt.
  2. Hydraxian Waterlords.
  3. Bloodsail Buccaneers.
  4. Thorium Brotherhood.
  5. Timbermaw Hold.

Each of these Vanilla reputations is extremely hard to get. No wonder some of them even make part of the Insane in the Membrane achievement. This is a great feat of strength to show off to your WoW friends.

Classic Reputation