Ansurek Mythic Kill

Ansurek Mythic
$2 299

Ever wanted to join a top raiding guild in the process of an Ansurek Mythic boost? You have the opportunity to do so. During the Ansurek Mythic carry, our experts effortlessly defeat the boss for you, leaving you to simply watch as the professionals work.

As a reward for the Ansurek Mythic kill, you will receive a plethora of rewards, each of which will automatically prove your superiority over other players on your realm. Be sure to order the Ansurek Mythic kill boost before others, and become the envy of all. The Ansurek Mythic kill carry will be available upon the release of the Nerub’ar Palace raid.

Start time: Flexible schedule / Boost takes: ~1 hour.

WoW Mythic Ansurek carry includes:

  1. Mythic: Ansurek kill with group loot.
  2. Chance to get mythic highest ilvl gear.
  3. Ahead of the Curve: Ansurek achievement.
  4. Cutting Edge: Ansurek achievement.
  5. Prestigious title.
  6. Prestigious flying mount.
  7. Free selfplay option.

Please note that the Cutting Edge Ansurek achievement cannot be obtained with the release of the raid following Nerub’ar Palace. Be sure to obtain this achievement among the first by purchasing the mythic Ansurek boost in advance. Also, remember that it is important for your character to meet the following requirements:


  • level 80;
  • fresh Nerub’ar Palace mythic raid cooldown.

Mythic Ansurek Boosting Benefits

Only a very small percentage will be able to defeat Ansurek in Mythic difficulty within the current raiding progression, so if you prefer to stand out among others, it is especially important to buy the mythic Ansurek boost before others.

Earn the most prestigious rewards along with top-tier raiding guilds from the final mythic boss in the Nerub’ar Palace raid.

Ansurek mythic boost helps to:

  • defeat mythic last boss of Nerub’ar Palace raid without stress;
  • acquire the best gear during the patch;
  • save hours upon hours on raid wipes;
  • get elite achievements and rewards;
  • learn boss strategy from a professional guild.

How to Book Ansurek Mythic Kill Carry

You might be wondering how to buy the Ansurek mythic kill. The entire process is simple placing an order takes just a couple of minutes. Here is a detailed, step-by-step breakdown of the entire procedure.

How to book a Π‘utting Edge Ansurek carry:

  1. Take a look at the description and pick one that suits you the most.
  2. Check the raid schedule or contact us directly via live chat so we can organize the raid at a convenient time for you.
  3. Proceed to the checkout to book the raid slot.
  4. Be online around the start time. Our raid leader will send you an invite within 5 minutes of the start time.
  5. You will be summoned to a boss. You don’t need to have any specific gear or consumables.

Important: If you have any questions during the boost, please contact us via live chat on the website or Discord. Please refrain from the in-game messaging system.

Ansurek Mythic Loot Table

At the moment, the loot table from the Ansurek boss is not available, but we will add it to the website as soon as it becomes available from dataminers.

Ansurek Mythic Kill Rewards

If you buy cutting edge Ansurek, rest assured that we will make every effort to ensure that after completing the raid, you feel the superiority of your character. This will indeed be the case because for the mythic Ansurek kill, you will receive a plethora of elite rewards, including:

  • Chance to drop the best gear at the time of the current patch;
  • Cutting Edge achievement;
  • A Prestigious PvE title for your character;
  • A chance to drop a rare and consistently cool mount that players will envy in the cities.

Ready to step into dazzling coolness? Order the Ansurek mythic kill right now!

Ansurek Mythic
$2 299