Ansurek Kill

Ansurek Kill

WoW Ansurek boost is a fast run to kill the last boss in Nerub'ar Palace raid in any difficulty - normal, heroic or mythic. Unite with our seasoned team to defeat the Nerubian's queen and get top loot. Buying Ansurek carry is a convenient and efficient way to get Nerub'ar Palace last boss kill, AotC achievement, high ilvl loot and other great rewards.

All Ansurek carries are provided by our top PvE raiding guilds, conducting 10+ runs daily across all modes. Check our calendar to reserve a slot for the next available Ansurek kill or reach out to our managers for personalized assistance.

Start time: flexible schedule | Boost takes: 20-30 minutes.

WoW Ansurek boosting rewards:

  1. Fast Ansurek kill on any difficulty.
  2. Ahead of the Curve achievement for heroic.
  3. Cutting Edge: Ansurek for the mythic kill.
  4. Unique PvE title for slaying Ansurek in mythic mode.
  5. Chance to get highest ilvl gear (depends on difficulty).
  6. Free selfplay for Mythic: Ansurek.

Ansurek FoS achievements are available only until the next major update. CHeck out basic requirements before securing a spot.


  • fresh NP mythic raid cooldown for mythic Ansurek;
  • no specific gear requirements.

WoW Ansurek Bossfight

Ansurek stands as the final challenge in the new War Within raid. Presently, comprehensive information about the battle remains elusive, given the absence of the beta version for the expansion. Stay tuned as we update this page with more details about the encounter.

WoW Ansurek Boosting Info

For those seeking remarkable Ansurek loot, achievements, and cosmetics without enduring the challenges of pickup groups, we've got your back. Immerse yourself in the clash against the queen of nerubians, the ultimate raid boss in the Nerub’ar Palace raid. Enjoy a seamless Nerub'ar Palace last boss carry with one of the most seasoned raiding guilds, freeing up time for friends and family.

Our Advantages:

  • Attain Ansurek Ahead of the Curve and other rewards in the early weeks of the patch.
  • Play in a comfort atmosphere while conquering the final boss.
  • Conclude the encounter in a mere 20-30 minutes.
  • Spare yourself the hassle of finding a team or mastering tactics.
  • Join at your convenience with our flexible schedule featuring over 10 kills daily.
  • Acquire new tricks and strategies along the way.

Ready to embark on the journey? Let's delve into the intricacies of the entire Ansurek boosting process.

How to Book Ansurek Carry?

This service offers a straightforward and customer-friendly experience for anyone seeking a smooth Ansurek kill carry. Follow these steps:

  1. Read the description and select the desired difficulty: normal, heroic, or mythic.
  2. Check our calendar for available slots or contact our managers to book the nearest run.
  3. Make a purchase to reserve your slot at the preferred time.
  4. Be online at the appointed time; our team will extend an invitation upon reaching the last boss.
  5. We will summon you—no specific item level, flasks, or tactical knowledge required.
  6. Enjoy the journey!

For any queries during the run, contact our managers via online chat or Discord. If you have questions about Ansurek boosts or wish to tailor your service, don't hesitate—speak to our managers in the online chat or Discord. We operate around the clock and are eager to assist you.

Ansurek Loot

Our swift Ansurek service grants players access to top-tier gear and trinkets right from the raid's commencement. Presently, details about the exact item level of loot from this boss remain unknown. Anticipate that loot quality will align with raid difficulty—normal, heroic, or mythic—yielding higher levels than quest completions.

Ansurek carries operate under group loot mode. However, you can enhance your loot acquisition with options like a full raid run with armor+tier or full priorities. Maximize your loot with these methods, gaining a competitive edge from the get-go!

Ansurek Kill