Warzone 2 Level Boosting

Warzone 2 XP boost is the most efficient and fast way to level account, battle pass, and guns in this new battle royale. Warzone 2 leveling is a tedious, yet important part of the game, as it provides players with vital in-game unlocks. Not having certain guns or weapon attachments unlocked is detrimental to the gameplay experience as it gives opponents a borderline unfair advantage. Our Warzone 2 leveling boost eliminates this issue and provides players with all the unlocks to enjoy the game from the start.

Warzone 2 XP Boosting Process

WZ 2 leveling is a fast and efficient way to obtain pretty much anything in this game. The new iteration of Warzone provides many various ways for players to progress their account and weapons. Here are some of the most common things that players are required to do:

  1. Winning matches.
  2. Milestone challenges completion.
  3. Weapon-specific challenges completion.
  4. Getting kills with a specific gun.
  5. Daily challenges completion.

Every single weapon platform will be unlocked upon reaching account level 55. But it’s just the beginning because getting access to the weapon platform unlocks challenges and progression for weapons. After unlocking weapon platforms, players are required to unlock receivers, which will change the way any given gun plays by changing its attachments.

After resetting the seasonal level players can earn Prestige. Prestige serves as an indicator of the skill level and is indicated as a badge near the player's name. Prestige resets with the start of each season and is required to be leveled from scratch each time. However, it is worth keeping in mind that Prestige is only there to show the skill level to other players. It does not unlock anything new by itself. Our Warzone 2 leveling carry will help you with reaching any desired level that you would like to have.

Professional Warzone 2 Leveling Boost

Many players might wonder just how safe it is to buy WZ 2 XP boosts. The answer to this would be - very much so. We are always ensuring that Warzone 2 level boosting services are performed manually, without reserving for the use of hacks, cheats, or any 3rd party software in general. Also, CoD WZ leveling carry is available for PC, Xbox & PS.

We have gathered the best players to provide our customers with the fastest, and safest Warzone 2 leveling boosts. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of the process, you can always ask for a live stream of your order completion before it starts. This way you can see how it’s done first-hand.

If you wish to add something extra to your order, ask for a completely unique, tailor-made service, or request a live stream, all you have to do is contact our customer support team. It can be done via Skype, Discord, or live chat. They are available at all times, 24/7, even during the holidays, and are always glad to assist! Get your Warzone 2 XP carry today, with Boosthive.

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