Vondel Nuke Boost

Vondel Nuke

Vondel Nuke boosting is a professional completion of the Vondel Champion's Quest - one of the hardest challenges added in S5 in Warzone 2. Receive one of the best in-game items including new cosmetics and nuke-themed Lachmann Sub Blueprint during Vondel Nuke quest carry.

Buying Vondel Nuke quest completion is the fastest way to finish this new Season 5 challenge. It includes all the steps: winning 5 games in a row to unlock Champion's quest, collecting three parts of the bomb, assembling it and protecting it from other players. This challenge is not an easy task to do so purchasing Vondel Nuke quest boost will be less stressful solution.

Start time: 15-20 minutes | Boost takes: ~2 days.

Warzone Vondel Champion's boosting rewards:

  1. Vondel Champion's Quest completed.
  2. Gamma Power Lachmann Sub Weapon Blueprint.
  3. Neptunium Sticker.
  4. Isotopes Emblem.
  5. Roy 4 Boom Weapon Charm.
  6. FWoom Calling Card.
  7. Some Prestige & Military rank XP.
  8. Battle Pass experience.

Additional options:

  • Quest Denied challenge - we will defuse a Nuke and earn the rarest Emblems for doing it.
  • Stream - we will give you a personal livestream so you can enjoy professional Vondel nuke quest completion.

Vondel Nuke carries are available on PC, Xbox & PS4/5. We also offer both boosting methods: selfplay or piloted. Please note, that you will need to follow our team's instructions if you decide to go self-play.

Note for piloted: Do not log into the game until we notify you about service completion. Otherwise, the team will be kicked out of the game and the order will be automatically considered as completed.


  • Warzone 2 account;
  • do not log into game during the service;
  • follow our team's instructions.

Warzone Vondel Nuke Boost FAQ

Vondel Nuke Skin for sale

While the Vondel nuke achievement is considered highly prestigious, it comes with a plethora of enticing rewards, encompassing Operator Skins, Blueprints, and various other cosmetic enhancements. Here are the most sough-after rewards:

  • Lachmann Sub Blueprint - Gamma Power;
  • Calling Card - FWOOM;
  • Isotopes Emblem.

Buy Vondel Nuke skins in Warzone 2.0 and earn these presitious rewards and other cosmetics fast and hassle-free.

How does Vondel Nuke work?

Initially, the requirement entails winning five Warzone matches. This accomplishment grants you Champion's quest, an activity, centered around gathering three distinct components of a nuclear bomb. The second step involves assembling these components and safeguarding it for an uninterrupted span of two minutes.

The nuclear detonation triggered by the assembled device results in the complete destruction of the game map. It is an end-game mechanic and only the most skilled players are able to survive to trigger it.

In case you have any other questions before getting our Nuke boosting on Vondel map, please contact our game experts via Online-chat, or Discord. Our team is online 24/7 and always ready to help with any difficulties or custom requests.

Vondel Nuke