Vow of the Disciple Flawless Carry

Vow of the Disciple Flawless

Root of Nightmares flawless raid carry is an easy and hassle-free way to get awesome rewards, including an exclusive shader! Completing a raid flawlessly means that none of the fireteam members is allowed to die over the course of the run. This is no easy feat, since the add density is high, and certain raid mechanics will one shot players. Let our pro players finish the raid flawlessly, while you enjoy the rewards. Get your Vow of the Disciple flawless boost from Boosthive today!

Start time: 30 minutes | Boost takes: up to 3 hours

Vow of the Disciple flawless raid boost includes:
  1. VotD completed without deaths.
  2. A rare flawless badge on raid.report.
  3. Divinity's Caress shader unlocked.
  4. Raid weapons and armor.
  5. A chance at getting the Collective Obligation Exotic pulse rifle.
  6. All currencies and materials acquired during the boost.
  7. EXP for the Battle pass and the Artifact.
This service has following additional options available:
  • Raid exotic guarantee - we will farm the last boss until we get the exotic.
  • Stream - we will stream your order completion to you.

Note: To ensure successful delivery, this service is piloted only.

Vow of the Disciple flawless carry is available for all platforms including PC (Steam or Epic Games Store), PlayStation and Xbox. However, make sure to take note of the requirements listed below.

  • The Witch Queen DLC purchased on the account;
  • 2000+ Power level.

Vow of the Disciple Flawless Boost

Completing all encounters flawlessly is the requirement of the Risen From the Deep triumph. VotD is considered to be one of the most intense raids in the game. Although this notion has been blown a little bit out of proportion, it does hold true. Tons of mobs, pitfalls, jumping puzzles, wipe mechanics on bosses - all of it makes flawless Vow of the Disciple completion an impressive achievement, and our pro players will help you get it! We work with the top PvE clans in Destiny 2, so you can be sure that your order will be completed professionally in a timely manner!

How it Works

Want to buy the Vow of the Disciple flawless but are unsure of the process? Don’t worry, as we have prepared a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process:

  1. Select additional options if needed.
  2. Proceed to checkout, finalize your payment, and provide you character details.Our manager will contact you in about 3 to 7 minutes to clarify the details and schedule the boost.
  3. If Stream was selected we will provide you with the link.
  4. Enjoy your raid.report badge and exclusive shader!

If you have any questions regarding the Vow of the Disciple flawless carry - do not hesitate to shoot us a message via the live-chat on the website or our Discord server. Our customer support teams are online 24/7 and are eager to help. Elevate your gaming experience with Boosthive today!

Vow of the Disciple Flawless