Vault of Glass Timelost Weapons Bundle

Vault of Glass Timelost Weapons Bundle

Vault of Glass Timelost weapons bundle lets you purchase every Timelost version of VoG guns without needing to grind for them yourself! Timelost weapons are locked behind Challenges within the Vault of Glass. Completing them with randoms may prove to be frustrating and time consuming. Buy the Timelost weapons from Vault of Glass and let our professional D2 raiders acquire the weapons for you!

TImelost versions of VoG guns have four Major perks, two of which are curated (fixed) to represent the Adept weapons from Destiny 1. They also have increased stats and can be equipped with Adept mods to further improve their performance.

Start time: 30 minutes | Boost takes: Flexible

The service includes:
  1. All six Timelost VoG weapons acquired.
  2. A chance at getting the Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion rifle.
  3. Multiple pieces of the raid armor set.
  4. All currencies and materials acquired during the boost.
  5. EXP for the Battle pass and the Artifact.

Vault of Glass Timelost weapons bundle is available for all platforms including PC (Steam or Epic Games Store), PlayStation and Xbox. However, make sure to take note of the requirements listed below.

  • 1810+ Power level.

Vault of Glass Timelost Weapon Boost

Timelost weapons have four Major perks. Two random, and two fixed ones. The fixed perks represent the Adept version of the weapon’s Destiny 1 counterpart. Having four perks available brings a lot of versatility, with the added benefit of having access to Adept mods to further increase the weapon’s effectiveness.

Vault of Glass Timelost weapons shine in every type of content due to raw stats and great perk pools. Let’s take a look, which god rolls you should be looking for:

Vault of Glass Weapons God Rolls

Weapon Type 1st Column 2nd Column 3d Column 4th Column
Fatebringer Kinetic Hand Cannon Hammer-forged Rifling Accurized Rounds Exposive Payload Firefly
Hezen Vengeance Solar Rocket Launcher Quick Launch Impact Casing Overflow Cluster Bomb
Found Verdict Arc Shotgun Snallbore Accurized Rounds Slideshot Opening Shot
Corrective Measure Void Machine Gun Corkscrew Rifling Accurized Rounds Rewind Rounds/Subsistance Firefly/High-Impact Reserves
Vision of Confluence Solar Scout Rifle Corkscrew Rifling Accurized Rounds Rewind Rounds Firefly
Praedyth's Revenge Kinetic Sniper Rifle Arrowhead Break Accurized Rounds Rewind Rounds Firefly

How it Works

Want to buy the Vault of Glass Timelost weapons bundle but are unsure of the process? Don’t worry, as we have prepared a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process:

  1. Select additional options if needed.
  2. Proceed to check out, finalize your payment, and provide you character details.
  3. Our manager will contact you in about 3 to 7 minutes to clarify the details and schedule the boost.
  4. Enjoy your brand new arsenal of weapons!

If you have any questions regarding the Vault of Glass Timelost weapons boost - do not hesitate to shoot us a message via the live-chat on the website or our Discord server. Our customer support teams are online 24/7 and are eager to help. Elevate your gaming experience with Boosthive today!

Vault of Glass Timelost Weapons Bundle