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TBC Shattered Sun Offensive Rep

Shattered Sun Offensive reputation farm is the best way to boost reputation with this main faction added in patch 2.4 on the Isle of Quel'Danas. Shattered Sun exalted is important for all players as this faction provides several powerful recipes and gear for all classes. Moreover, Tabard of the Shattered Sun is one the most good-looking tabards in the game.

Shattered Sun Offensive boost will allow players not to waste precious time and still loot all rewards from getting exalted with this important TBC reputation. Simply choose the current rep level and the one that needs to be farmed and our carry team will take care of the rest.

TBC Shattered Sun Offensive rep boost rewards:

  1. TBC Shattered Sun Offensive rep grind up to Exalted.
  2. Cool-looking tabard - Tabard of the Shattered Sun.
  3. Unlock several Jewelcrafting & Enchanting Designs.
  4. Access to purchasable Necks at Exalted:
  5. Two shields (exalted): Sunward Crest & Dawnforged Defender.

Boost takes: 1-3 days for Neutral-Exatled.

We will farm Magister's Terrace dungeon in normal mode until you reach the desired rep with Shattered Sun Offensive. It is the easiest and fastest way to provide this service.

Before you buy Shattered Sun rep grind, please have a look at the minimal requirements for this type of boosting service.


  • WoW TBC account;
  • 70 level;
  • this boost is piloted.

Where is Shattered Sun Rep Vendor?

Shattered Sun Offensive is Shattrath's City reaction to Kael'thas Sunstrider's actions in Quel'Danas. This united army combines the forces of Aldor and the Scryers that are led by the naaru. Both draenei and blood elves are working together to put a stop to traitorous Kael'thas and the evil he has summoned.

So where can you buy all these awesome rewards after reaching Exalted with the help of our boosting service? Shattered Sun quartermaster is located in the Sun's Reach on the Isle of Quel'Danas.

NPC is called Eldara Dawnrunner and she offers 4 necks for all roles, multiple enchanting & jewelcrafting recipes, x2 shields with several blue weapons. Visit her in the building at 47.30 coordinates to purchase some items after getting our Shattered Sun rep boost.

Shattered Sun Offensive Reputation