Horde Expedtion Rep

Horde Expedition

Horde expedition rep farm service is here to help with getting to gain reputation with this Classic WotLK faction as fast as possible. Forget about tedious days of grinding with our fast and convenient services. Boosting Horde Expedition reputation in Classic WotLK unlocks schematics for a coveted engineering mount – Mechano-hog.

WotLK Horde Expedition boost can be done via daily quest grind or dungeon spamming. However, they have to be of level 80 or heroics. For our Horde Expedition rep farming, we mostly use the dungeon method, as it is the fastest one available. This method allows us to farm exalted with Horde Expedition for any character as quickly as possible.

WotLK Horde Expedition boost rewards:

  1. Horde Expedition up to exalted.
  2. Achievement The Winds of the North (exalted).
  3. Engineering Schematic: Mechano-hog (exalted).
  4. Blacksmithing Plans: Titanium Plating (exalted).
  5. PvP head enchant Arcanum of the Savage Gladiator.
  6. Some rare (blue) gear (revered).

Boost takes: 4-5 days

Please note: Both the price and completion times change depending on your current level of reputation with Horde Expedition, as well as the desired rep level you want to achieve.

We will grind dungeons until we reach the desired result. Our teams can also do daily quests if they deem that it will speed up the process. Before buying Horde Expedition rep carry please check out the basic requirements for this service.


  • 80 level;
  • this service is piloted only.

How to Get Horde Expedition Rep Fast?

Horde Expedition is a faction that consists of four other factions. They are:

  • The Hand of Vengeance;
  • The Taunka;
  • Warsong Offensive;
  • The Sunreavers.

Half of the reputation from each of these factions goes straight to the Horde Expedition. This means that getting exalted with at least two of these factions will grant player exalted status with the Horde Expedition as well. The required amount of reputation can also just be spread between all four of them.

Some extra reputation can also be acquired through dungeons. Killing trash mobs and bosses within level 80 instances, as well as heroics grants reputation directly to the Horde Expedition. It makes killing trash mobs in instances by far the most preferable way to grind the reputation with Horde Expedition for many players. However, it still takes a considerable amount of time, and doing it over and over can be pretty repetitive and boring. And this is where Boosthive comes to the rescue! Our Horde Expedition rep farming services are designed to eliminate this tedium, and get any character to exalted in the shortest time possible!

If you wish to add something extra to the service or have any questions about the Horde Expedition reputation boost – don’t be shy to ask! Our customer support works 24/7, meaning that we can help you at any time.

Where to Farm Horde Expedition Rep in WotLK

Dailies for farming Horde Expedition rep can be found in Grizzly Hills, Howling Fjord, and Dragonblight. Do keep in mind, however, that relying on daily questing to grind Horde Expedition reputation is extremely slow and inefficient. Dungeons are a much better place for that, and tabard is not required. Grinding trash mobs is the method used by our teams to ensure the fastest Horde Expedition rep grind.

Where is the Horde Expedition Rep Vendor?

Horde Expedition quartermasters can be found in Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra. The first one is named Sebastian Crane and is located at these coordinates: 79.6, 30.8. Another one has the name Gara Skullcrush and can be found here: 41.4, 53.7. Get your exciting rewards from them after using the Horde Expedition rep carry.

How to Get Mechano-hog Recipe

This interesting engineering Mechano-hog mount can be made by engineers with profession skill of 450. Schematic: Mechano-hog is purchasable from any of the Horde Expedition reputation vendors for 400g. In order to get access to this schematic, players must be exalted with Horde Expedition.

Horde Expedition