The Frenzyheart Tribe Rep

The Frenzyheart Tribe

Frenzyheart Tribe rep farm service is a fast and convenient way to get reputation with this faction of Classic Wrath of the Lich King. No need to grind anything, because we can easily reach exalted for you. Upon reaching revered with our Frenzyheart reputation boost players will be able to get decent rare (blue) gear, as well as a jewelcrafting design and a special item. This item has a chance to drop a potion that turns the player into a Wolvar for 10 minutes.

WotLK Frenzyheart Tribe reputation farming is mostly done via questing. Since it isn’t possible to use faction tabard and spam dungeons, completion of daily quests with efficient routing is the only way to boost rep with Frenzyheart Tribe to exalted. Our teams are very experienced, and will make sure to get your character to any desired rep level in no time!

WotLK Frenzyheart Tribe rep boosting rewards:

  1. Frenzyheart Tribe rep up to exalted.
  2. Achievement Frenzyheart Tribe (exalted).
  3. High chance to get Honorary Frenzyheart achievement.
  4. Stolen Vrykul Harpoon throwing weapon (revered).
  5. Jewelcrafting Design: Jagged forest emerald (revered).
  6. Frenzyheart Brew from Disgusting Jar to turn into a Wolvar (revered).

Boost takes ~21-22 days.

Quick note: Order is fully customizable, and you can decide what level of reputation you need to reach. For example, if being able to get Frenzyheart Brew is all you are after, then just pick revered as your target rep and the price will be lower!

Since there is no way to spam dungeons for the completion of this service, it takes quite a while to reach desirable levels of reputation. However, do not worry, as our professional boosting teams will ensure the shortest possible completion times for the Frenzyheart reputation grind. Please make sure to also check the requirements for this service.


  • 80 level;
  • this service is piloted only.

How to Get Frenzyheart Tribe Rep Fast

The easiest and most convenient way to reach any level of reputation with this faction is by using our services. Our teams of professional players have experience ever since the original release of WotLK back in 2008. It allows them to know the best pathing and routing for all of the daily quests and how to unlock this faction in Sholazar Basin. Frenzyheart Tribe rep carry is a very simple and straightforward process at its core. Here is some information, along with answers to some of the most popular questions.

Also keep in mind that it is possible to add custom requests to your order, as well as ask any questions that you might have. Simply contact us via online chat or Discord. Our customer support managers are always online at any time and can help you with anything regarding the service.

Where to farm Frenzyheart Tribe reputation?

Frenzyheart is a tribe of wolvars that can be found in the Sholazar Basin. All of their daily quests will also happen here. Keep in mind that you can only have a good reputation with Frenzyheart Tribe or the Oracles at the same time, but not both. However, it is also possible to change your choice by completing a specific quest. It is not allowed during the service completion, because it will reset all progress. We would recommend getting the rep boost for the faction you just want rewards from and then proceed with the one you want to stick with.

After the completion of the introductory quest chain, players are able to complete 3 daily quests every day. 21 day is the bare minimum required to reach exalted from honored, as 63 daily quests have to be completed. Our Frenzyheart rep boosting services will help you to reach exalted in the shortest time possible, without skipping even a day of rep grinding.

How to Start Frenzyheart Tribe rep?

In order to start farming reputation with the Frenzyheart tribe in Classic WotLK, players need to complete a quest chain in Sholazar Basin. This chain can be initiated with the quest called Playing Along, which can be found at these coordinates: 50.54, 76.44. Questgiver is an NPC called Tracker Gekgek. In order for the quest to become available, you also need to kill the panther that spawns near it. After finishing this fairly long chain of quests you should reach honored with Frenzyheart Tribe and can now start with the dailies. There will also be a possibility to swap your faction to oracles, however, it is not allowed during the Frenzyheart Tribe rep farm service.

Where is the Frenzyheart Tribe Quartermaster?

After getting your Frenzyheart Tribe reputation boosted, it will be a good call to visit the quartermaster to get all the juicy rewards. The Frenzyheart Tribe vendor can be found in Sholazar Basin at 55.1, 69.0. His name is Tanak and he has an assortment of items that can be interesting for any adventurer in classic WotLK.

The Frenzyheart Tribe