Sons of Hodir Reputation

The Sons of Hodir

The Sons of Hodir rep farm service is the easiest and quickest way to gain reputation with this faction in Classic Wrath of the Lich King. Get to the highest reputation level fast, without wasting days of your life on boring grinding. Boosting Sons of Hodir reputation in WotLK gives access to powerful shoulder enchants, as well as a cool-looking mount.

WotLK Sons of Hodir reputation can be farmed via completion of daily quests and turning in Relics of Ulduar. What makes it rather slow, is the fact that players start their reputation with this faction as hated instead of neutral. Our Sons of Hodir rep boosting services will free you from tedious mob grinding for Ulduar relics and even more boring daily quests completion and will allow you to enjoy the rewards.

WotLK Sons of Hodir rep farming rewards:

  1. The Sons of Hodir rep farmed up to exalted.
  2. Access to powerful shoulder enchants (exalted).
  3. Some pre-raid rare items (200 ilvl) on revered.
  4. Reins of the Ice Mammoth access (revered).
  5. Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth access (exalted).
  6. Leatherworking Pattern: Mammoth Mining Bag (honored).
  7. Jewelcrafting Design: Smooth Autumn's Glow (exalted).
  8. Tailoring Pattern: Glacial Bag (exalted).

Boost takes: 5-6 days.

Please note, that you can pick the desired rep levels with different variants. The price will be lower if the character is already honored with Sons of Hodir!

We will do some dailies and farm/purchase some Relics of Ulduar (without using your gold) to hit exalted even faster. Before buying Sons of Hodir reputation grind, please have a look at the basic requirements.


  • 80 level;
  • Cold weather flying unlocked.
  • this service is piloted only.

How to get Sons of Hodir Rep Fast?

By far the easiest and fastest way to get to the max reputation level with Sons of Hodir and not get burnt out is to use our service. Our professional teams have played the game since the initial release of WotLK in 2008, and know the fastest ways to farm reputation efficiently. The entirety of Sons of Hodir rep carry is a straightforward and simple process. Let’s take a look at some details about the service, and answer frequently asked questions.

Keep in mind that you can ALWAYS contact us via online chat or Discord if you have any questions, as well as custom requests before buying Sons of Hodir reputation. Our customer support is available 24/7 and is always ready to answer any questions at any time.

How We Farm Sons of Hodir Rep in WotLK?

Sons of Hodir daily quests are located in the southeast portion of Storm Peaks. There are dozens of quests, so optimizing routing between them is the key part in hitting exalted with this faction in the shortest time possible.

Unlike many other reputations in Wrath of the Lich King, when it comes to Sons of Hodir it is impossible to spam dungeons with equipped tabards to progress the reputation. This means that efficient routing with dailies with killing mobs for relics along the way would be the key in reaching exalted with Sons of Hodir. If the situation calls for it, we will even buy a bunch of Relics of Ulduar with our own gold to severely speed up the process.

Where is the Sons of Hodir Quartermaster?

After getting your Sons of Hodir reputation boosted, it is time to get your hands on some juicy rewards. Sons of Hodir rep vendor is located at Dun Niffelem, in the Storm Peaks. His name is Lillehoff and he has some really nice things available for sale at honored, revered, and exalted, That includes two cool mounts, as well as some really nice shoulder enchants for all classes at exalted.

Buying Sons of Hodir Mount

Upon reaching revered players can obtain Reins of the Ice Mammoth and three-seated Reins of the Great Ice Mammoth, which are both great-looking mounts that will fit authentically in Northrend icy exteriors. The price for each of them is 2500g.

Please note that buying any of these mounts is not included in the service and you need to do it on your own after the Sons of Hodir rep boost is finished.

How to Start Sons of Hodir Rep?

In order to start reputation gains with Sons of Hodir players are required to complete a chain of quests. It can be initiated with a quest called “They Took Our Men!” from a goblin NPC named Gretchen Fizzlespark in the K3 area of Storm Peaks. She resides in the tavern, on the right-hand side of the entrance. In order to initiate the quest, the character should be at level 77 or above.

This quest chain is one of the longest in the game, and players have to complete a considerable chunk of it in order to even reach neutral and be able to do dailies. However, it gets even slower afterward, so using our quick and efficient Sons of Hodir reputation farming service would be the best choice if you wish to get to exalted as quickly as possible.

The Sons of Hodir