Kirin Tor Rep

Kirin Tor

Kirin Tor rep farm is the easiest way to earn reputation with this sect of wizards in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Earn exalted with this faction fast and without extra effort with the help of our service. Boosting Kirin Tor reputation unlocks access to important head caster enchant, so it will be important right from the start.

WotLK Kirin Tor reputation farming is done through questing and completing some Dalaran dailies. After getting friendly, players can buy Kirin Tor tabard and grind dungeons for extra reputation farm. We use both methods allowing us to provide fast and efficient Kirin Tor rep boost. Reach exalted within a couple of days!

WotLk Kirin Tor rep farm rewards:

  1. Kirin Tor rep up to exalted.
  2. Achievement The Kirin Tor (exalted).
  3. Caster helm enchant Arcanum of Burning Mysteries (revered).
  4. Some pre-raid gear (200 ilvl) on revered & exalted.
  5. Tailoring Pattern: Sapphire Spellthread.
  6. Jewelcrafting Design: Runed Scarlet Ruby.

Boost takes: 3-4 days.

Important: you can always pick the desired rep progress by clicking various options. The price will be lowered if you, for example, don't need exalted.

The team usually spam WotLK dungeons to grind rep up to exalted with the Kirin Tor. Boosters also can do some questing at their discretion. Before buying Kirin Tor reputation grind, please check the basic requirements of this service.


  • 80 level;
  • this service is piloted only.

How to get Kirin Tor Rep Fast?

You can always get Kirin Tor Neutral - Exalted fast with the help of our service. Our boosters played the original WotLK and know all the effective reputation farm methods. We use both questing and dungeon spam with tabard methods. The whole Kirin Tor rep carry is a very simple and straightforward process. Let us explain how it works and provide some answers to frequently asked questions.

You are also welcomed in online chat, skype or discord before buying Kirin Tor reputation from us. If you have any questions or have a custom request - it is the best way. Our managers work 24/7 and we will be happy to help.

Where to Farm Kirin Tor Reputation?

Kirin Tor quests are spread across several zones in Northrend. Here are the main hubs with several quests that give rep this faction:

  • Borean Tundra (Amber Ledge).
  • Dalaran.
  • Dragonblight (Star's Rest).

Doing quests chains from these bases will help us to get friendly with Kirin Tor. It unlocks Tabard of the Kirin Tor from the quartermaster. Purchasing this item allows us to grind rep points by killing trash and bosses in all 80 lvl Northrend dungeons. We use this method to speed up the process, earning exalted with Kirin Tor in no time.

Where is the Kirin Tor Quartermaster?

Kirin Tor rep vendor is Archmage Alvareaux. He is located in Northrend Dalaran in the Violet Citadel. The building is on the north west of the city. You can buy various items and caster enchant for head slot after getting your Kirin Tor rep boosted.

How to get Kirin Tor Tabard?

Tabard of the Kirin Tor can be purchased from Kirin Tor quartermaster after reaching friendly status. The location of the vendor can be found above. Equipping this tabard makes the character eligible to earn reputation with Kirin Tor by clearing Northrend 80 lvl dungeons and heroics.

This can be done nonstop and it is very tedious and boring process. Remember, that you can always use our service if you get tired of running the same instances over and over again.

Where to buy Kirin Tor Ring?

There are also a special Rings of the Kirin Tor available for sale for all the classes. They can be bought from jewelry vendor Harry Winston in Cartier & Co in Dalaran. Coordinates: 39.2, 34.9. These rings are upgradeable and really powerful for all characters throughout the expansion. They also allows the wearer to teleport to Dalaran every 30 minutes.

And here is another benefit and the reason why you need to boost Kirin Tor faction on at least main character. Dalaran rings cost 8500 gold, but reaching exalted allows you to save over 1200+ gold on purchase!

Kirin Tor