Diablo 4 Helltide Farm

Helltide Farm

Helltide boost is a service for clearing Helltide world events in Diablo 4 and farming various items and Aberrant Cinders. Helltides is a unique Diablo 4 world event that usually lasts for an hour and happens every 2h and 15m. Buy Helltide farm boost and receive a ton of loot and Cinders without having to constantly keep your eye on the timer and grind the same event over and over again.

During the Helltides farming, we will acquire around 1500 Cinders for you, and open as many Helltide chests as possible. This means that you will be able to receive a ton of loot, including a high chance for legendaries and unique items.

Start time: 20-30 minutes / Boost takes: 1 hour per event.

Helltide event boosting includes:

  1. Your chosen number of Helltides cleared.
  2. Chance to receive Nightmare sigils.
  3. Some Battle Pass levels.
  4. Some currencies and loot that drop during the service.
  5. Chance to get some Paragon & renown points.
  6. Chance to get Nightmare Sigils and Murmuring Obols.
  7. Some Forgotten Souls.
  8. Some Fiend Roses.

Important: if you want us to open specific chests, please select the type of Helltide chest to open: armor, weapon or mystery. Without picking any of these options we will open armor chests by default.

Helltide grind is available on Eternal and Seasonal realms. Please make sure to take a quick look at the basic requirements for this service before making a purchase.


  • Diablo 4 on PC/PS/Xbox;
  • level 50;
  • completed story campaign;
  • World Tier 3 unlocked.

If you don’t qualify for any of the requirements, we offer services that can help you with that! We offer completion of the story, reaching level 50, and a lot more.

Helltide event boosting for sale

Helltides event boosts are a great way to get some unique and legendary items for your Diablo 4 character. This event is the only place to obtain Aberrant Cinders and open Helltide chests that offer all this great loot.

Cinders are a new currency in the world of Sanctuary, using them players will be able to open Helltide chests, which have a high chance of dropping great loot. However, to get Cinders and get access to Helltide chests, players have to participate in a Helltide event.

This event lasts for an hour and is happening every 2h and 15m, which means that in order to even begin the grind players have to keep their eyes on a timer. This isn’t optimal for many players who have other responsibilities in life and simply can’t afford to wait for so long just to farm one event each time.

This is where our Helltide carry comes into play. Simply buy your desired number of events to clear, and our team will take care of everything from there.

How to get Aberrant Cinders in D4?

Pretty much every activity during the Helltide event will reward players with Cinders. Here is a short list of activities and how many Aberrant Cinders they provide.

Helltide activities and Cinder rewards:

Killing an Elite enemy

1 Cinder

Killing a Treasure Goblin

1 to 6 Cinders

Opening a chest

Chance to get 1 Cinder

Mining Screaming Hell Veins

3 to 4 Cinders

Opening event chests

3 to 6 Cinders

Killing a normal enemy

Chance to get 1 Cinder

Gathering Fiend Roses

3 to 4 Cinders

As you can see, pretty much anything you do during the Helltide event will reward you with some Aberrant Cinders. However, players are required to have a bunch of them in order to open chests, and given that the event is so time-constricted the best option to farm them would be buying our Helltide event boosting services.

If you have any questions about Helltide chest farm or want to add something extra to your order - don’t hesitate to reach out! Our customer service team is available 24/7 and is always ready to provide their assistance. You can contact us via Discord, live chat here on the website, or even Skype. Enhance your Diablo IV experience with Boosthive today!

Helltide Farm