Diablo 4 Season Journey

Season 4 Journey

Diablo 4 Season Journey boost is a service for completion of all 7 chapters in the seasonal journey of D4. Seasonal Journey is divided into multiple chapters that players have to finish in order to get their rewards. However, players won’t have to finish every single quest in any given chapter before switching to the next one.

The seasonal journey boost in Diablo 4 is also extremely great for earning Battle Pass rewards since SJ quests reward a ton of xp towards it. If you don’t want to waste your time completing meaningless quests just to get cool rewards, simply leave it to us!

Boost takes: 10 days / Start time: 15-20 minutes.

Diablo 4 season journey rewards:

  1. Full season journey completed (or chosen chapters).
  2. A ton of seasonal journey rewards.
  3. Favor for the battle pass.
  4. Various loot and crafting materials.
  5. Some gold and/or other currencies.

Our D4 season journey carry is available on PC, Xbox & PS4/5. However, please keep in mind that you need to have your desired chapter unlocked before we can begin the boosting process.

But before buying the season journey service in D4, please make sure to take a quick look at the basic requirements for this service.


  • main campaign completed;
  • 50 level;
  • chapters for boosting unlocked.

Please keep in mind that the rewards might change with each season. Our service is a great way to not miss out on any of the seasonal journey rewards in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Season Journey boosting

There are tons of various different rewards for players who decide to boost their D4 season journey. Obtain all of them quickly, and without any stress by using our services. It is important to remember that these rewards will only be available during this season, and will be gone afterwards. Since each season only lasts 3 months, the pressure of getting all the rewards will become increasingly higher with each passing week.

Is season journey free in Diablo 4?

Unlike the battle pass, the season journey in D4 is completely free for everyone who owns the game. There is no system for skipping the quests, however, and this is exactly where our services come to the rescue.

Is season journey boost safe in Diablo IV?

Here at Boosthive we also take all the necessary precautions in order to ensure the highest security for your account. We use all the safety measures such as using VPN services. All of our boosts are performed manually by professional players, and we never use bots, cheats, or anything of the sort to gain an unfair advantage. This adds an extra layer of security to our Season journey boosts in Diablo 4.

If you have any questions or want to add something else to your order - contact us! You can reach out to us via Discord, Skype, and live chat here on the website at any time. Our customer service team is available 24/7 and is always ready to provide assistance. Enrich your Diablo 4 gaming experience together with Boosthive today!

Season 4 Journey