D4 Nightmare Dungeons Boost

Nightmare dungeons | Level up your Glyphs

Nightmare dungeon boost is a fast run through your chosen number of Diablo 4 dungeons on a Nightmare difficulty. Nightmare dungeons are accessible by unlocking a Nightmare Sigil. This item will add a difficulty modifier to the dungeon it is made for, making it much more difficult, yet more rewarding at the same time.

Some of the best loot can be found in these instances, which makes Diablo 4 nightmare dungeons boosting a very compelling option for players who don’t want to stress over completing them or simply don’t have time to do so.

Boost takes: 30-40 minutes per dungeon  / Start time: 15 minutes.

Diablo 4 Nightmare dungeons carry includes:

  1. Chosen number of nightmare dungeons cleared on desired Tier.
  2. Chance to get Sacreds and Uniques.
  3. Lots of EXP with some gold & crafting materials.
  4. Higher tier dungeons grant more EXP for your Glyphs!
  5. Chance to get Ancestral items (from dungeon lvl 21+).
  6. Chance to unlock Legendary Aspects.
  7. One or more legendary items per run.

Nightmare dungeon runs are available on Eternal and Seasonal realms.

Select a nightmare dungeon level for boosting with our different options. We offer all difficulty levels from 1 to 25. Before buying Nightmare dungeons boosting in Diablo 4, please make sure to take a quick look at the minimal requirements for this service.


  • Diablo IV on PS/PC/Xbox;
  • level 50;
  • World Tier 3 (for 1-20 tier dungeons);
  • World Tier 4 (for 21-100 tier dungeons).

If you have questions about the requirements for this service, please reach out to us directly.

Nightmare dungeon boost in Diablo 4

There are two main types of dungeons in D4. Normal (NM) and Nightmare dungeons. NM dungeons are the most common type of dungeons that players will encounter in their journey throughout the Sanctuary. They are filled with various tasks to complete, such as finding a lever, freeing prisoners, killing a boss, and so on.

Nightmare dungeons, on the other hand, are designed to be more difficult and challenging. There are various Nightmare Sigils that add difficulty modifiers to dungeons making them way harder to complete, however, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Is nightmare dungeon boosting safe in D4?

Customer security is our highest priority here at Boosthive. We ensure your account’s safety by using various precautions during the boost, such as the usage of VPN services. Everything is always completed manually, by our professional players. We don’t use bots, cheats, or any other type of 3rd party software to gain an unfair advantage. This significantly increases your account’s security, in addition to other precautions.

Our players have years of experience with the ARPG genre as a whole, as well as the Diablo series in particular. This means that our Nightmare dungeon carries in D4 are done quickly and efficiently.

In addition, you can participate in the boost personally by selecting the selfplay option during the purchase. However, if you don’t want to bother with grinding yourself, you can leave everything to us with the piloted option also available.

Here at Boosthive, we offer all nightmare dungeons of all levels for sale. Simply select the number of dungeons to complete, as well as the difficulty you are playing on, relax, and enjoy the rewards!

Nightmare dungeons | Level up your Glyphs