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D4 Season of the Malignant Bundle

Season of the Malignant Bundle

Diablo 4 Seasonal bundle includes all the time-limited rewards available during Season of the Malignant. Obtain battle pass cosmetics and complete Seasonal Journey fast and easy with our complete Season of the Malignant package. Hurry up, because the season will be available only for few months.

Start time: 30-50 minutes / Boost takes: ~14 days.

This bundle includes:

  1. Level 100 seasonal character of any class.
  2. 1-7 chapters of Seasonal Journey.
  3. All Battle pass rewards up to level 90.
  4. Season of the Malignant story completed.
  5. Chance to get Legendaries & Unique items.
  6. Gold and other currencies that drop during the service.

D4 season bundle combines all the possible rewards that player can get throughout the season. So you don't need to worry missing something important. Simply buy Diablo IV seasonal bundle and forget about the grind. However, please have a look at the basic requirements before the purchase.


  • main campaign completed;
  • seasonal character;
  • in-game battle pass purchased.
Season of the Malignant Bundle