Shadow Company Missions

Shadow Company Missions

Shadow Company Missions boost includes the completion of chosen faction quests in DMZ. Shadow Company is an elite secret unit of private military contractors under command of General Shepherd. Buying Shadow Company missions completion service allows to get unique cosmetics and plueprints for your collection.

Shadow Company missions is a tough PvE or PvP challenge for every player. There are also different tiers - once a player completes these missions, he gets access to higher tier missions. That's why we offer to buy Shadow Company missions farm for those who might struggle to progress further.

Start time: 30-40 minutes / Boost takes: 2 hours per mission.

DMZ Shadow Company missions carry rewards:

  1. Shadow Company missions completed:
    • all Tier missions with discount;
    • chosen missions.
  2. Weapon blueprints for specific missions.
  3. Keys to DMZ locked places.
  4. Some Double XP Tokens.
  5. Some exp for Military rank.

Note: Last mission in each Tier requires a certain reputation with Shadow Company. Contact us and we will provide a custom offer if you have any progress in completing Shadow Company quests.


  • DMZ account;
  • Faction missions must be unlocked.

Buying Shadow Company mission rewards

Completing each Shadow Company quest unlocks a specific item: Calling Card, Double XP Bonus, Blueprient and many other cosmetic rewards.

Here is a full list of Shadow Company Mission rewards:

Mission Reward
Thinning the Herd Contraband X12
Deal with the Devil L2 Restricted Zone Key
Abandoned Vehicle Double Weapon XP Token
X-Rays Under Freeway East Warehouse Key
Battle Plans Contraband TAQ-V
Wings Clipped Contraband Bryson 890
Unregistered Cargo P890 Weapon Blueprint
Cutting It Close Veterinarian Key
In Good Health & Spirits Contraband Lockwood MK2
Reconnassance by Fire Contraband STB 556
Courier Double XP Token
Missile Transports Through the Window Calling Card
The Old Place Skeleton Key
Konni Secrets Brass Knuckles Weapon Charm

In case you have any questions before ordering DMZ Shadow Company Missions carry, feel free to contact our support agents. Our team is available 24/7 via Online-chat, or Discord. We also can help with custom boosting requests.

Shadow Company Missions