MW Murk Camo

Murk Camo

Buy Murk camo to get a quick service that helps to obtain this new camouflage from episode 3 in Atomgrad Raid in Modern Warfare 2. Our firesquad will successfully navigate and complete the Easter Egg Camouflage quest leading to unlocking Murk camo for all weapons in both MW2 & WZ2 evenly.

A mere look at the Murk skin will dispel any uncertainties about your skills. We offer the Murk camo for sale, catering to gamers seeking enjoyment in both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, without wasting hours trying to finish a hard hidden challenge in the raid. We offer a CoD: Murk camo boost in MW 2. Buying the Murk camo within MW unlocks it in both games.

Start time: 30-40 minutes / Boost takes: 2-3 hours.

MW2 Murk camo boosting rewards:

  1. The Murk camo unlocked for all weapons.
  2. Atomgrad Raid: Episode 3 finished.
  3. Easter Egg quest completed.
  4. Some Military & account EXP.
  5. Chance to get several Atomgrad Raid rewards.

In order to unlock Murk Camo you don't need to complete Atomgrad Raid on Veteran difficulty. Hidden quest can be completed in normal mode. We sell Murk camo on all platforms: PC, Xbox & PS4/5. However, there're some requirements.


  • Modern Warfare 2.

How to get Murk camo in MW2?

The simple answer is to purchase our Murk camo service and the team will take care of the rest. However, we provide a short coverage of all the steps. Unlocking the Murk camo involves specific tasks within the Raid, requiring time and dedication. The whole process can be divided into key segments:

  1. Elevator: At the first stop, grab a USB stick. Avoid dying or resetting from here. Proceed to adjust three valves to match a specific position. Collect a note with a number after reaching the bottom.
  2. Water Room Puzzle: After clearing the water room, insert the USB to generate a six-digit code. Input it precisely or restart the Raid. Collect a second note from the desk.
  3. Dive Underwater: Progress through the final puzzle chamber until water is high. Find a new tunnel, leading to the last required letter.
  4. Collect Murk Camo: Assemble the full code from the three notes. Move the crane, enter the code, and open a door to claim the Murk camo by selecting an M4 from the wall.

Completing these steps successfully unlocks the coveted Murk camo. In reality this might be a painful task to do.  Failure in any part of the quest necessitates a full episode reset meaning that you will have to start from scratch.

Buying Murk camo in MW2

The process of purchasing Murk camo service is designed to be simple and user-friendly. Here's an easy-to-follow guide that ensures a swift and seamless boosting experience:

  1. Choose the Murk camo carry (which you're currently browsing).
  2. Make sure you have Modern Warfare II purchased.
  3. Select selfplay option if you want to participate during the boost.
  4. Finalize your purchase by proceeding to checkout.
  5. We'll get in touch within 5-7 minutes to make arrangements and initiate the service.
  6. Once the order is fulfilled, play with cool Murk camouflages in either WZ or MW.

Our 24/7 customer support is at your service. Should you have inquiries before ordering the Murk camo boost, don't hesitate to contact us via online chat, or Discord. We're here to assist with any challenges and can even tailor a custom offer upon request.

Murk Camo