DMZ Faction Reputation Boost

Faction Reputations

DMZ Faction reputations boost is a farm service that allows to raise 1-20 level of any faction in CoD. It was added in Season 04 and now unlocks exclusive rewards, Passive Upgrades and Faction Tiers. Buy DMZ Faction reputation grind and forget about long and tedious farm.

During DMZ Faction reputations boosting our team will complete Faction Missions while you enjoy your free time. No need to waste hours on hard missions when you can simply get chosen number of levels with any faction with our service.

Start time: 30-40 minutes / Boost takes: 6-8 hours for 1 rep level.

CoD Faction reputations boosting includes:

  1. Chosen number of Faction Reputation Levels obtained.
  2. Some rewards for completing Faction missions.
  3. Chance to get some keys in DMZ.
  4. Some XP for your weapon, military & prestige ranks.
  5. Available on all Platforms.
  6. Personal livestream (additional option).

Note: Unlocking certain Factions may depend on progressing through other Faction's Missions. Check our offers or contact our game experts if you haven't unlocked them.

Each Faction in DMZ has 20 reputation levels. Pick the desired reputation and choose number of levels with the slider. Before you buy DMZ faction farm, please check the basic requirements of this service.


  • Modern Warfare 2 for Crown Faction;
  • this service is piloted only;
  • some factions might require progress with other Factions (read note).

DMZ Faction Reputations List

New Reputation system was first added during CoD Season 04. And now it is a key mechanic in DMZ if you want to unlock Passive Upgrades and some cosmetics. There are currently 5 DMZ Factions available for boosting. Here is the list:

  • Crown Faction;
  • Shadow Company Faction;
  • White Lotus Faction;
  • Phalanx Faction;
  • Black Mous Faction.

All DMZ factions are available for sale in our store. Please keep in mind, that progressing through one Faction might not be enough to max it. All Factions are intertwined and some Missions only unlock when you complete certain quests from another Faction.

That's why we offer a complete and discounted bundle that will help to get max reputation level with ALL DMZ Factions. Simply pick the option and get a nice 20% OFF that is already included in the price of this package.

How to level Faction Reputation in DMZ?

The simple answer is to use our DMZ Faction boosting service, of course. Our experienced team will rush through all necessary mission to raise you reputation status. This is much easier and stress-free, because Faction Missions are considered as hard for many players.

If you want to try and boost Faction reputation on your own, the only way to complete loads of Missions that are available in a certain hub of each Faction. In case you have any other questions before buying our DMZ faction reputations farming service, feel free to contact us via Online-chat, or Discord. We are online 24/7 and always ready to help.

Faction Reputations