MORS Unlock

MORS Sniper Rifle Unlock

Buy MORS Sniper Rifle is a single-load railgun that has the potential to deliver a high-damage payload with excellent velocity and penetration. At the sight of this gun, all your enemies will run away faster than you can reload your rifle. MORS Sniper Rifle is a reward in the Season 3 Battle Pass weapon, specifically located in Sector 4.

Season 3 weapon includes many different types of weapons, but as a MORS Sniper Rifle - is an ultimate solution that will suit any player. In order not to complete weekly tasks, participate in matches and commit many murders for battle pass tokens, we suggest using our services, because it's faster and easier!

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: up to 12 hours

MORS Sniper Rifle boost includes:

  1. MORS Sniper Rifle unlocked.
  2. EXP for your Account.
  3. A chance to complete daily and weekly challenges.
  4. High K/D games during the boost.
  5. Battle Pass progress.

Additional options:

  • Max lvl & unlocks — we'll fully level up this weapon to unlock all mods on this platform;
  • Stream — monitor the Gladiator Melee boosting on a personal live stream.


  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game purchased;
  • For any Camo option, you must have a corresponding Camo already unlocked on other guns within the same category.

Unlock Method

Battle Pass Sector


MORS Sniper Rifle

Sector 4

Progress through Sectors 2, 4

Boasting a high rate of fire and great bullet velocity, the MORS railgun is ideal for sharpshooters across a variety of combat situations. Though offering lower mobility compared to other Sniper Rifles, its sheer power is evident in the electrical current blasting over its body after every shot.

The MORS is favorable with handling characteristics, as there is minimal sway with the weapon, and the scope has a clean reticle.

How It Works

We offer MORS Sniper Rifle Unlock for a cheap price at any time. Our purchasing process is straightforward and customer-friendly. Our team ensures a dependable and trustworthy service with round-the-clock support, daily updates, and a 100% success guarantee. Here is a quick step-by-step breakdown of the entire process.

  1. Proceed to the check-out page to finish the purchase.
  2. Enter all contact and character information.
  3. Wait 1 to 7 minutes for us to contact you directly.
  4. We will deliver the MORS Sniper Rifle to you in the shortest time possible.

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MORS Sniper Rifle Unlock