Calling Cards

Calling Cards

Call of Duty Calling Cards boost is a fast completion of any MW2, WZ2 & DMZ challenges to get unique Calling Cards for profile customization. Players receive each Calling Card as a reward for greatest CoD achievements. Enjoy animated artwork and skip challenging parts of the game by simply buying CoD Calling Cards from us.

Call of Duty Calling Cards are available for sale in all game modes: Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2 and some challenges can only be completed in DMZ. However, Modern Warfare 2 Calling Cards boosting is much faster because of fast pacing of the game. But our firesquad also deals with Warzone 2 & DMZ Mastery challenges with ease.

Start time: 30-40 minutes / Boost takes: depends on challenge.

CoD Calling Cards boost includes:

  1. Final Calling Card in desired mastery.
  2. All other Calling Cards in the desired mastery.
  3. Some camo progress.
  4. Tons of games with good KD.
  5. Experience for your account, weapons & military ranks.
  6. Available on PC, Xbox & PS4/5.

We complete Global Mastery & Prestige Mastery challenges in Modern Warfare II. We strongly advice to purchase the game, as it will be much faster to get Calling Cards in this mode.


  • equivalent prestige level (for Prestige Mastery Challenges);
  • MW2 purchased (for Prestige, MBG & Global Mastery);
  • this service is piloted only.

How Calling Cards work in CoD?

Global Mastery Challenges

Each challenge consists of 6 calling cards, along with a concluding card rewarded for acquiring all of them. However, the Kill Mastery Challenge is different, because it includes 8 calling cards and the last one. MW2 is better and more reliable to get those done.

DMZ & WZ2 Mastery Challenges

Each WZ2 & DMZ challenge consist of 6 calling cards, culminating in a final card for each task. These ones can only be completed in the corresponding game mode.

Prestige Mastery Challenges

Each achievement includes 4 cards, concluding with the last one. These challenges are much easier and convenient to complete in Modern Warfare II.

MGBs Calling Cards

These Calling Cards look awesome, but require a lot of skill and luck to unlock each one of them. MBG - is a win-streak of 30 enemies killed in a row while using a special Killstreak in multiplayer matches. We offer this service is MW2 only. Each MGB grants a special Calling Card:

  • Blasted Calling Card — Call in 1 MGB;
  • Testing Limits Calling Card — Call in 3 MGBs;
  • Nuke Happens Calling Card — Call in 5 MGBs;
  • Cloudy Day Calling Card — Call in 10 MGBs;
  • No Escape Calling Card — Complete all MGB Challenges.

How this service works?

  1. Pick the desired challenges that you want to complete.
  2. Make sure you have MW2 for Prestige, Global & MGB Mastery achievements.
  3. Proceed to checkout and finish the payment.
  4. Our experts will contact you within 3-7 mins after the purchase.
  5. We will set everything up and the boost will start.
  6. Note, that the hardest challenges can take up to 18-20 days.
  7. Enjoy your Calling Cards in your profile.

Should you have any questions regarding our CoD Calling Card boosting services, don't hesitate to contact our team of gaming specialists via online chat or Discord. We're at your service 24/7 to assist with inquiries or even design a customized package tailored to your preferences.

Calling Cards