New World Weapon Mastery Boost

New World Weapon Mastery

New World Weapon Mastery is a system that allows players leveling up the weapon experience to earn skill points depending on their mastery level for that particular weapon class. In simple terms the more skill points you place in a weapon tree of your choice the better your weapon will perform.

Buying the Weapon Mastery leveling allows you to boost your weapon skills without spending an insane amount of time on that.

New World Weapon Mastery carry includes:

  1. Chosen weapons maxed to 20 level (of your choice).
  2. 20 points to use in weapon skill trees.
  3. Access to all perks and masteries for the chosen weapon.
  4. We build the talents tree you want.

Boost ETA: 2-3 days to max 1 weapon.

Important: link us the skill tree that our team should use or you can spend the skill points yourself, so your weapon will have the optimal set of perks and active abilities at max level. In case you are unsure what talents to choose, our team will use the most optimal build.


  • New World account;
  • required weapon in bags;
  • 60 level;
  • E-mail Steam Guard active.

Weapon Mastery Leveling Explained

Each weapon in New World starts at mastery level zero and players gain experience for the equipped weapon by hunting wild animals or battling with other players in PvP. As a result weapon experience allows you to earn skill points that you can use in one of the two weapon trees for each arms type.

The good part is that party members share part of the weapon experience therefore you can either level your Weapon Mastery faster or powerlevel the Weapon Mastery for a number of arms at the same time. Despite that leveling, your weapon mastery in the New World is still quite a tedious task especially if you want to switch to a new role/class.

That is exactly why we offering you to buy weapon mastery carry and boost up your weapon skill in no time! In case you want to know more about weapon mastery power leveling you can always chat with our 24/7 available support managers and they gladly assist you.

New World Weapon Mastery