Trade Skills Boosting in New World

Buying Trade Skills in New World MMO is the most reliable, fast, and profitable way to unlock some end-game recipes and start making coins from your professions. Every Trade Skill is unique and offers a variety of perks and leveling options. That is why we offer fast Trade Skills leveling boost so that you can start your NW journey fully prepared.

What are New World Trade Skills?

In simple terms, all Trade Skills in New World MMO is professionals that not only allow you to gather resources, make them usable, and craft items but can give your characters a set of unique perks that will put you on top of those players who has not leveled up any TS. There are 3 main categories for Trade Skills in NW:

  • Gathering Trade Skills;
  • Refining Trade Skills;
  • Crafting Trade Skills.

Important to note: You can learn and level up all 17 Trade Skills in the New World on each character!

You are free to select any trade skill to start with and our professiona TS boosters can help you achieve your goal and unlock the high-end recipes by fast leveling them for you. They will be doing that by using some of the best and efficient Trade Skill leveling guides in the New World due to their early alpha experience.

Let us now have a better look at each TS category so you can select which non-combat skills will work best for your champion.

Crafting Skills in New World

Crafting Skills are the core element of gameplay in any MMO and New World is not an exception. Crafting professions or as they called here Trade Skills allow you to create new tools, armor, gear, weapons, food, and a lot of other useful items.

Crafting skills are subdivided into 7 professions that will complement your character’s main powers. From gaining awesome perks to creating magic weapons and ammunition, every trade skill will serve you well in the end-game content of New World.

NW Crafting Trade Skills available for boosting:

  1. Armoring.
  2. Arcana.
  3. Cooking.
  4. Engineering.
  5. Furnishing.
  6. Jewelcrafting.
  7. Weaponsmithing.

Since crafting is so crucial for your champion development and overall gameplay in NW, it is essential to pick the right non-combat skill to level up first. Here is a short guide on what each crafting profession is capable of creating. In case you need more detailed info, you can contact one of our managers who will gladly guide you in the right direction.

Crafting Trade Skills capabilities:

  • Weaponsmiths craft melee weapons;
  • Armorers craft Apparel;
  • Jewelcrafters craft trinkets;
  • Engineers craft ranged weapons and ammunition;
  • Arcanists craft potions, tinctures, and magical weapons;
  • Cooks craft meals and drinks;
  • Furnishers craft furniture, chests, and trophies for houses.

You can also get some brief guides on crafting Trade Skills leveling by browsing the respective products and boosting opportunities in this section, while we are moving on.

Gathering Skills in New World

Gathering non-combat Trade skills is yet another great category of professions, although it also brings some cool perks it is more focused on leveling and coin farming. You can’t efficiently level up any refining or crafting skill without the linked gathering one maxed out. That is why we offer you our help. Let our boosting team level up your gathering skills while you enjoy some fun in-game activities and get some coins in the process.

New World Gathering Skills include the following professions and tools:

  1. Fishing (Pole).
  2. Harvesting (Sickle).
  3. Logging (Logging Axe).
  4. Mining (Pickaxe).
  5. Skinning (Skinning Knife).

Basically buying the Gathering Skill in New World opens up new opportunities and allows to profit from top resources, trading, and more refined, high-level item crafting. Speaking of refining.

Refining Skills in New World

This category is more a utility-based Trade Skills. Refining focuses on turning the raw materials obtained from Gathering skills into materials usable by Crafting skills. Buying the Refining skill boost unlocks the ability to refine a larger variety of resources into higher-level Crafting materials.

Currently, there are 5 Refining skills in New World:

  1. Smelting.
  2. Stonecutting.
  3. Tanning.
  4. Weaving.
  5. Woodworking.

In order to master all trade skills in New World, you will have to learn and level up every crafting and gathering skill, otherwise, you will have to buy the required resources, therefore, making those skills not profitable. Luckily for you, we offer every New World non-combat Trade Skill for sale.

Buying Trade Skill Carries

By purchasing any NW Trade Skill at our store you are saving yourself from hours or even days of boring grind and profession leveling. Let our fast-acting carry team help you level up all 17 Trading Skills and enjoy your gameplay like never before.

If you still have any questions about the Trade Skills in New world that we offer for sale here or any other item in this new MMO RPG, feel free to contact our 24/7 available support managers and they will gladly assist you with them.

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