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Tracking & Skinning Skill Boost

Tracking & Skinning Trade Skill

Tracking & Skinning Trade Skill boost is the fastest way to level up this gathering skill in the New World MMO game. Tracking & Skinning skill allows your Champion to track animals and gather animal hides to turn them later into leather with the help of others professions. Tracking & Skinning Trade Skill leveling service is a perfect time saver that will get you a lot of coins.

Tracking & Skinning Trade Skill boost rewards:

  1. Tracking & Skinning Trade hourly leveling (select number of hours for boosting).
  2. Skill to gather raw animal hides from the dead beasts.
  3. Ability to track wild animals on the map.
  4. 200 skill allows to Skin high-level creatures.

Boost takes: 1-100 hours.

The duration of the Tracking & Skinning leveling service depends on the number of hours you pick for this boost. If you choose more hours at once, you will get larger discounts.

Leatherworking and Armoring are the main professions that benefit from Skinning. Raw skins can be refined into leathers that are used to create gear. We recommend leveling these skills together.

Players need to have Tier 4 related buildings in the city on their server to get this Trade Skill to level 200.


  • New World account;
  • E-mail Steam Guard active;
  • 60 level.

New World Tracking & Skinning Trade Skill Leveling

Buying the NW Tracking & Skinning Skill is a must for those players who intend to craft and refine their resources into high-level items. It is a useful gathering skill that unlocks cool ingredients for many key professions. Getting it to the max level will allow you to gather the unique animal hides and use or trade them for coins.

The Tracking & Skinning Trade Skill leveling services will allow you to track animals at the max level (200) and unlock access to the end-game raw resources. If you want to buy the Tracking & Skinning Trade Skill carry or check what fast leveling guide our boosters make use of, you can always contact our support team and they will be glad to assist you 24/7.

Tracking & Skinning Trade Skill