New World Level (XP) Boost

New World 1-65 Leveling
Estimated time for boost: 19 hours
Estimated time for boost: 19 hours

New World power leveling is currently one of the toughest challenges in the MMO world. Experience gain is not happening as fast as in other games and therefore the whole journey takes much longer. At times it gets boring to farm levels or grind mobs for experience and that is exactly the time you should consider buying the New World XP boosting service.

New World leveling boost rewards:

  1. 1-65 level character.
  2. Start on the first day of the release.
  3. 190 points to spend on Core Attributes.
  4. Invasions unlocked (50 level).
  5. Access to expeditions, wars, better gear, and trading recipes.
  6. Ability to building x3 Houses for fast travel (55 level).
  7. 3 slots for bags on 45 level.
  8. Outpost Rush access (60 level).
  9. Gathering, Refining, and Crafting trade skills leveled up (additional option).

Boost takes:

  1. Normal speed: 9-10 days.
  2. Express speed: ~8 days.
  3. High-speed: 6-7 days.
  4. Additional options take extra time.

The duration of the service may depend on the game server's stability and login queues. However, our professional team guarantees the most efficient and fast results during the New World powerleveling.


  • New World account;
  • E-mail Steam Guard active;
  • professions & weapon mastery options are available only if you choose 65 level.

Level (EXP) Boost in New World MMO

Buying powerleveling service in the New World MMORPG now only saves you time but allows you to unlock the high-end content and enjoy the full beauty of the open world. The major issue with leveling in New World is the current absence of well-constructed leveling guides due to the novelty of the game itself.

Despite this fact our team has well-prepared for the level boosting:

  • we can level-up your champion to the max in-game level;
  • level 65 can be reached in the shortest time possible;
  • our NW boosting team has successfully leveled champions on beta;
  • we know all the routes, shortcuts, and fastest EXP boosting techniques.

With all these perks the New World leveling service that we offer for sale here is done manually and with only time-proven methods. We can guarantee you a 100% order completion.

In case you are still looking to get more information about the leveling process of the New World MMO feel free to contact our 24/7 available managers and they will gladly assist you.