Insured Slots Unlock

Insured Slots Unlock

Insured Slot boost is a service that provides sockets to MWZ weapons to increase their potential. Purchase the MWZ Insured Slot boosting service and eliminate any concerns about losing your cherished firearms during the impending clash against the undead.

While a formidable weapon can greatly influence the outcome of a battle, spotting them amidst swarms of zombies on the map is a daunting challenge. Hence, possessing insured slots becomes imperative, allowing you to concentrate on the fight without the constant fear of losing your valuable equipment.

Start time: 15 minutes / Boost takes: 1-2 days (depending on your Act Progress).

MWZ Insured Slot unlocking includes:

  1. Insured Slot 2 for completing the full Act 1 of MWZ missions.
  2. Insured Slot 3 for completing the full Act 2 of MWZ missions.
  3. Possible rewards for completing every mission in every act.
  4. Chance to get better gear for your character.
  5. A lot of exp during the boosting process.
  6. Possible camo progress and weapon exp.
  7. All loot dropped during the boost.

There are additional options in case you already have some progress toward any of the acts. Contact us if you have a progress that is not displayed in our options.

We offer Insured Slost for sale on all platforms: PC, Xbox & PS4. The service is provided in Modern Warfare 3 Zombie mode. Please check the minimal requirements before making a purchase.


  • Modern Warfare 3;
  • this service is piloted only.

How It Works?

We employ manual methods and never use any bots or cheats. Our straightforward approach to Insured Slots boosting involves playing all 3 acts of the campaign untill its done. Here is a step-by-step guide on how this service works:

  1. Choose the desired Insured Slot option. If necessary, pick additional options.
  2. Proceed to checkout to make an order.
  3. We will contact you within 4-7 minutes after the payment.
  4. We will set everything up and set a schedule for the boost.
  5. At the appointed time our team logs onto your account and start the service.
  6. It will take several days to complete the MWZ Missions, but we will be progressing every day.
  7. Enjoy your new Insured Slot once the service is done!

In case you have any questions before buying Insured Slot, feel free to contact our game experts through online-chat, or Discord. We are online 24/7 and will be ready to help with any difficulties or provide a custom offer on request.

Insured Slots Unlock