Faction Tokens Farm

Faction Tokens Farm

New World Faction Tokens boost is the fastest way to get the main currency of in-game factions that can be farmed and spent in the main towns at your faction vendor. It is used to buy your faction-themed gear that is very useful even for high-level characters.

Buying Faction Tokens farming service will allow you to forget about completing daily missions in your faction hub and get the required amount of faction points in New World to buy all the best gear from the quartermaster.

New World Faction Tokens boost rewards:

  1. The selected amount of Faction Tokens:
    • Marauder Tokens;
    • Covenant Tokens;
    • Syndicate Tokens.
  2. Reputation with your faction.
  3. Lots of Faction missions completed.
  4. Character experience and Territory Standing.
  5. Other items acquired during the boost.

Boost takes:

  • 4-5k tokens/hour;
  • 15-16k tokens/hour (reputation rank 5).

Please choose your current reputation status in your faction. You get more tokens from quests with higher reputation ranks, making your order cheaper and faster. For example, we farm around 16-18k tokens per hour on reputation rank 5.

IMPORTANT: Please choose ONLY one reputation status from the list, that your character is currently on. Do not choose additional reputation levels.


  • 50+ level;
  • New World account;
  • E-mail Steam Guard active.

How to farm Faction Tokens in New World fast?

Once you hit level 10 and choose your faction, you will start receiving Faction Tokens.

There are several ways of farming NW Faction Tokens:

  1. Completing PvE and PvP faction missions in your hub.
  2. Closing Corrupted Portals across the world.
  3. Participating in Wars.
  4. Killing enemies in PvP.

The most reliable way is to search portals and complete all faction missions you can find as it doesn't depend on other players and PVP components.

Why Faction Tokens is important in NW MMO?

Faction gear always has stat bonuses and a gem slot, making these items much better than the loot that you get randomly from chests and monsters. It is a huge time-saver because you can buy certain gear slots. Those factors make Faction sets ideal during character leveling. 

That's why buying Faction Tokens boost is the best option if you want to play with comfort.

Faction Tokens Farm