Lost Ark Oreha's Well

Oreha’s Well Dungeons

Oreha's Well boost is a convenient service designed to deliver fast runs to Aira’s Oculus and Oreha’s Preveza. These dungeons are among the hardest ones to complete since they belong to a Tier 3. Oreha Preveza in particular is fairly difficult, both in normal and hard mode.

Oreha's Well dungeon boosting services help with getting all the rewards from these encounters. Completion of Oreha's Well requires a lot of preparation. It is fairly difficult even for well-geared groups. Our services help players to deal with this. Buy Aira’s Oculus & Oreha’s Preveza runs to receive the easiest completion of these 2 dungeons.

Oreha's Well abyss dungeons T3 rewards:

  1. Accessories.
  2. Ability Stones.
  3. Engraving Books.
  4. Cards.
  5. Materials for set pieces crafting.
  6. Normal or hard mode completion.

Boost takes: ~1-2 hours/dungeon.

You can order one of two Abyssal dungeons in the Oreha's Well, or get all of them at the same time to maximize the rewards. Pick several runs with a flexible slider to farm even more materials for your set. You can also select normal or hard mode depending on your ilvl.

Before buying Oreha's Well dungeons boosting, please have a look at the minimal requirements for this type of service.


  • 50 level;
  • Punika storyline completed;
  • 1340+ ilvl (normal mode),
  • 1370+ ilvl (hard mode);
  • for Oreha’s Preveza: Aira’s Oculus must be cleared;
  • this service is piloted only.

About Oreha's Well Dungeons Boosting

Oreha's Well is the third tier of Abyssal Dungeons that players gain access to. This happens when the player hits ilvl 1340+. Oreha’s Preveza and Aira’s Oculus feature multiple bosses each. Players would need a good understanding of gameplay and mechanics to successfully bring these bosses down.

Oreha’s Well also introduces hard and normal modes into the game. The difference is that hard mode requires an ilvl of 1370 to enter the dungeon. At the same time it provides players with better rewards than normal mode. It also features some unique or altered boss mechanics and is much more difficult in general. Let’s take a closer look at each of the abyssal dungeons that the Oreha's Well carry helps with.

Aira’s Oculus Boost Guide

With Sea of Indolence carry you can receive all the rewards from the completion of this part of the Oreha's Well. The most optimal way to progress a toon is to complete it weekly. Because of this, having a way to reliably get all the rewards is very important.

The first boss that Aira’s Oculus boost deals with is Frenzied Cicerra. After being staggered, this boss will gain a buff. It grants him additional damage with each stack. If it gets out of control, Cicerra will be able to one-shot anyone in the group. In order to avoid this, players have to utilize a grab attack of this boss. If staggered during the grab attack, Cicerra will lose one of his damage stacks.

Lost Seto is the last boss in the Sea of Indolence. The main mechanics here duirng this encounter are color-coded attacks. Lost Seto features one of the biggest movesets in Lost Ark. With this amount of difficult mechanics it becomes clear why many people prefer to use convenient Oreha’s Well boosting services instead of fighting him normally.

Oreha’s Preveza Boosting Info

Oreha’s Preveza dungeon boost includes two boss fights. Angry Moguro Captain is the first boss of this dungeon. Much like other fights in tier 3, this boss has lots of different mechanics. All of them require a lot of learning. One of the most prominent mechanics that this boss has is a special buff. It makes players stunned after they’ve been attacked. It’s very annoying.

The second enemy is Corrupted Albion. This boss will constantly change forms. Depending on a form his moveset will change. This makes an already hard fight even more difficult, but you can always buy Oreha’s Preveza boosting service to rush through this dungeon with ease.

As you can see, it takes a lot of time and practice to learn each boss’ attack patterns and mechanics. It isn’t perfect for people who value their time and just want to get rewards, and this is exactly where our Oreha's Well carry services come in handy!

Oreha’s Well Dungeons