Lost Ark Gate of Paradise

Gate of Paradise Dungeons

Gate of Paradise boost includes quick and efficient runs to abyssal dungeons like Sea of Indolence, Tranquil Karkosa, and Alaric’s Sanctuary. These dungeons are essential for progression since they reward players with tier 2 loot. Out of all of these dungeons, Alaric’s sanctuary is the most difficult one to beat, and thus requires a lot of preparation.

Gate of Paradise dungeon boosting services provide people with rewards from this set of dungeons in the shortest time possible.Gate of Paradise completion may cause numerous wipes for unprepared groups. Our services solve this problem. Buy runs to Sea of Indolence, Tranquil Karkosa, and Alaric’s Sanctuary and get these dungeons cleared quickly and without stress.

Gate of Paradise abyss dungeons T2 rewards:

  1. Accessories.
  2. Ability Stones.
  3. Engraving Books.
  4. Cards.
  5. Materials for set pieces crafting.

Boost takes: ~1-2 hours/dungeon.

You can order one of three Gate of Paradise Abyssal dungeons, or get all of them at the same time to maximize the rewards. Pick several runs with a flexible slider to farm even more materials for your sets.

Before buying Gate of Paradise dungeons boosting, please have a look at the minimal requirements for this type of service.


  • 50 level;
  • Feiton storyline completed;
  • 960+ ilvl;
  • for Alaric’s Sanctuary: Tranquil Karkosa and Sea Indolence must be cleared;
  • this service is piloted only.

About Gate of Paradise Dungeons Boosting

Gate of Paradise is the second tier of Abyssal Dungeons that players gain access to. This happens when the player hits ilvl 960. Sea of Indolence, Tranquil Karokosa, and Alaric’s Sanctuary feature 2+ bosses. Players would need a good understanding of of all mechanics in order to defeat these encounters. Let’s take a closer look at each of the abyssal dungeons that the Gate of Paradise carry helps with.

Sea of Indolence Boost Guide

Sea of Indolence carry will help players to finish the first part of Gate of Paradise dungeon and loot lots of crafting materials. The most optimal way to progress a toon is to complete it weekly. Because of this, having a way to reliably get all the rewards is very important.

The first boss here is Orborus. Make sure to attack it from behind and quickly deal with the mini-boss shark that appears in the fight. If the group fails to do the mechanics - our fast Sea of Indolence run will solve this problem.

Second boss - Sentinel Akam. Each player has to collect color-coded bubbles of oxygen during the fight. Quickly help petrified players to break free. Random groups may ignore these mechanics, so getting Sea of Indolence dungeon carry might be a good idea.

Tranquil Karkosa Run Info

Kallivan of the Eroded is the first boss. Similar to other T2 fights, this boss has a team-wipe mechanic that can cause a lot of trouble for unprepared players. The group has to pass the stagger check when 2 necromancers spawn. Failing to do so causes a wipe. However, Tranquil Karkosa boosting service allows to avoid such difficulties.

Karkosa's Punisher is the second boss here. Keep other players free from vines, stagger the boss and defeat waves of enemies that spawn throughout the fight.

Tranquil Karkosa's last boss is Karkosa Monarch Draikhan. And again there is a wipe mechanic. Boss will run to the middle of the arena and start summoning orbs. Rotate around the boss to mix the colors of orbs that you catch and avoid incoming attacks. There is a lot of turmoil and it can result in frequent wipes. We offer to buy Tranquil Karkosa run to avoid all these difficulties.

Alaric's Sanctuary Boosting Explained

The first boss that will be dealt with if you buy Alaric’s Sanctuary carry is a duo of Witch of Enchantment Sarahiel and Nightmare Incarnate Belloc. The group needs to destroy correct orbs: kill golden ones and avoid black ones. Shark attacks will deplete oxygen really fast, so players need to avoid them.

The second boss of this dungeon is Alaric. The boss attacks the player with an arrow above their hand, so said player needs to quickly hide behind a pillar.This will force Alaric to destroy it. Apart from that, it will be the usual dodge of AoE attacks in different patterns.

The third boss of the sanctuary is Alaric again. This time much stronger and with more mechanics to dodge. There also will be a stagger check that has to be passed in order to avoid a group wipe.

As you can see, Tier 2 bosses have much harder mechanics that cannot be ignored anymore. It isn’t perfect for people who value their time and just want to get rewards, and this is exactly where our Gate of Paradise carry services come in handy!

Gate of Paradise Dungeons