Lost Ark Ancient Elveria

Ancient Elveria Dungeons

Ancient Elveria boost is designed to help players to take on such abyssal dungeons as Necromancer’s Origin and Demon Beast Canyon in Lost Ark. They provide players with great loot and are basically essential for progressing the endgame. Each one of them has two boss fights. Bosses have unique mechanics and strategy to them, so going in without preparation is not advisable. It is especially true for Necromancer’s Origin, with it being the harder one of the two.

Ancient Elveria dungeon boosting services can save players lots of time, as both instances can take over 3-4 hours to finish for unprepared groups. Not anymore with our professional team. Buy Necromancer's Origin & Demon Beast Canyon runs to receive the fastest completion of these dungeons. They will be dealt with in no time, awarding players with great loot to continue their Lost Ark adventures.

Ancient Elveria abyss dungeons T1 rewards:

  1. Accessories.
  2. Ability Stones.
  3. Engraving Books.
  4. Cards.
  5. Materials for set pieces crafting.
    • x5 Knight's Oath (Demon's Beast Canyon);
    • x8 Knight's Oath (Necromancer's Origin).

Boost takes: ~1 hour/dungeon.

You can order one of two Abyssal dungeons in Ancient Elveria, or get both of them at the same time to maximize the rewards. Pick several runs with flexible slider to farm even more materials for your set.

Before buying Ancient Elveria dungeons boosting, please have a look at the minimal requirements for this type of service.


  • 50 level;
  • 340 ilvl gear & North Vern story completed.
  • for Necromancer's Origin run: Demon Beast Canyon must be cleared;
  • this service is piloted only.

About Ancient Elveria Dungeon Boosting

The Ancient Elveria is the first set of Abyssal Dungeons that players gain access to. This happens when the player hits ilvl 340. Both Demon Beat Canyon and Necromancer’s Origin have two bosses in their arsenal. Each boss requires a specific strategy unique to it, as well as a general understanding of the gameplay and good mechanical skills. Let’s take a closer look at each of the abyssal dungeons that Ancient Elveria carry can help with.

Demon Beast Canyon Carry Info

Demon Beast Canyon dungeon boost helps players with two bosses as well. Corrupted Vazuela doesn’t have many attacks, but the ones that it has can be devastating. At a certain point throughout the fight, Vazuela will mark some of the group members with a special mark that spawns the Pool of Blood beneath them. The Pool of Blood deals solid damage to everyone around it, so it is strongly advised to run away from the group if a player gets marked.

The second boss that will be dealt with if you buy a Demon Beast Canyon boost is Vile Scarkrill. Much like the previous one, it doesn’t have many mechanics but has lots of CC. Be sure to pay attention to marks on the ground. In the second phase of the fight, orbs will spawn. The objective here is to bait the boss into each orb to destroy them with his help.

As you can see, it takes a lot of time and practice to learn each boss’ attack patterns and mechanics. It isn’t perfect for people who value their time and just want to get rewards, and this is exactly where our Ancient Elveria services come in handy!

Necromancer’s Origin Boost Guide

With Necromancer’s Origin carry you can receive all the rewards from the completion of this part of the Ancient Elveria. This quick and easy service ensures that you get all the loot in the shortest time possible. The most optimal way to progress a toon is to complete it weekly. Because of this, having a way to reliably get all the rewards is very important.

The first boss that Necromancer’s Origin boost deals with is Reanimated Garum. General mechanics for dealing with this boss is to avoid slam attacks, tail swipes, as well as other AoE attacks. At some point, Garum will use a skill called Death Gaze on a knocked-down player. After getting 4 stacks of this debuff the character will die, so it is very important to not let that happen. Golden orbs will spawn and have to be picked up in order to clear the debuff. However, orbs should only be picked up in the correct order that is listed near your HP bar.

Another boss that Necromancer’s Origin dungeon boosting helps with is Sigmund the Immortal. This boss requires players to always be on high alert since his specialty is frequent AoE attacks with small safe zones. The fight requires people to dodge constantly, because even after his death, Sigmund will spawn projectiles that can finish off careless members of the group.

Ancient Elveria Dungeons