Abyss Raid Argos

Abyss Raid Argos

Abyss raid Argos boost will help to rush through all 3 phases in this 8-man raid in Lost Ark. Defeat Argos boss fast and easily and claim all powerful rewards. Our team has enough experience to provide a smooth run so you do not waste the time on wipes with random groups.

Argoss fight is very challenging and tedious process requiring full concentration and teamplay of eight players. Two groups are offered to overcome 3 different phases and kill the boss. Random groups may have a lot of difficulties during the fight making the process not enjoyable. But here is an easier solution to save time and nerves - simply buy Argos Abyss raid in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Argos raid boost rewards:

  1. Abyss raid: Argos (full clear or partial phases).
  2. Argos specific materials: Argos's Claws, Teeth, Blood or Tendons.
  3. Chance to get Legendary Card.
  4. Chance to get Accessories & Engraving Books.
  5. Gold & Ability Stones.

Boost takes: 8-12 hours.

Please select the phase you struggle or pick the full Argos raid run. Each phase has an individual table of rewards, but do not forget about the weekly lockout. Also we recommend looking at the basic requirements before getting the boost in Argos Abyss raid.


  • this service is piloted only;
  • fresh lockout;
  • 1370 item level - phase 1;
  • 1385 item level - phase 2;
  • 1400 item level - phase 3.

Abyss Raid Argos Boosting Guide

Argos boss has three stages and players need to have at least 1370 item level in order to enter the raid. While Phase 1 doesn't have full party wipe mechanics, it quickly become harder as much more cooperation is required on Phase 2 & 3. This may be a bit hard for random group of players. resulting in a number of stressful wipes.

However that not the case with our Abyss Raid Argos carry services, that will help you to deal with the boss completely without wasting precious time. Simple purchase the service and enjoy the rewards while our experienced team is doing the job.

In case you have any questions before buying Argos boss kill, simply contact our chat agents via online-chay, skype, or discord. We work 24/7 and always ready to help.

Abyss Raid Argos