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TBC Full Dungeons Gear

The Burning Crusade gearing system was completely revamped in comparison to the Classic World of Warcraft version. However, the importance of gearing in TBC can not be exaggerated. Buying the Full Normal Dungeon Gear will help you prepare your character for heroic farming and later to the first raids of Outland.

TBC Dungeon Gear that we offer for sale is of rare quality (blue), our professional boosters will help you loot it in the normal version of Burning Crusade dungeons.

TBC Full Normal Dungeon Gear Boosting Rewards.

  1. Full blue (rare) TBC Gear in every slot of your inventory.
  2. Loot & Reputation from the farmed normal TBC dungeons.
  3. All the gold and resources obtained during the gear carry.

TBC Normal Gearing service ETA: 4-5 days.

Our Gearing Service is done manually without the use of any bots, cheats, or third-party programs. Our team will help you gear up your character and prepare it for the more challenging content such as heroic dungeons and raids. However, before purchasing out Full TBC Gear carry, please refer to the basic requirements below.


  • WoW Burning Crusade Classic account;
  • 70 Level character;
  • this boost is piloted and requires account sharing.

How to get Full Blue Gear in TBC Classic?

Gearing in TBC is a lengthy process that requires a lot of grinding however to get the BiS powerful gear you first need to dress your character in the full blue gear. That way farming heroic will be easier and every party would want to take you for a run. That is exactly why we are offering your fast blue gear farming service.

We can vouch for our well-geared boosters that will rush through numerous normal dungeons and let you loot all the items you need to start your journey in a comfortable and fun way. Purchase the gearing service while we still have some slots available as it is one of the high-demand boosts,m especially at the start of the new expansion.

TBC Full  Dungeons Gear