Forge of Souls

Forge of Souls

Forge of Souls boost is a fast way to clear both bosses in this dungeon on a normal or heroic difficulty in Classic WotLK. This is the newest dungeon available with Phase 4, located in the Icecrown Citadel itself.

Whether you are looking to do quests there, or want to get some great loot – buying a Forge of Souls dungeon boost will save you lots of time in comparison to the LFG system. Forge of Souls dungeon carry is available on all difficulty modes. There are no attunements or pre-quests before Forge of Souls, you can simply enter this dungeon without any preparation.

Boost takes: 30-40 minutes / Start time: flexible.

WotLK Forge of Souls dungeon boost rewards:

  1. Fast Forge of Souls run (NM/HC).
  2. Forge of Souls achievement (Normal).
  3. Heroic: Forge of Souls achievement (Heroic).
  4. Chance to get 219 ilvl (normal) or 232 ilvl (heroic) loot.
  5. x2 Emblem of Valor (heroic).
  6. Chance to get a Papa's New Bag.
  7. All items and gold obtained during the boost.

Forge of Souls dungeon boosts are available for sale on all WotLK classic realms. You can select several Forge of Souls runs with the slider. Please check the requirements before making a purchase.


  • classic WotLK account;
  • level 80.

How to Get Forge of Souls Boost?

The process of getting a Forge of Souls dungeon carry is easy and fast. Here is a quick step-by-step explanation of how it works.

  1. Decide on your desired number of runs.
  2. Contact us via live chat to check:
    • self-play option availability;
    • the start time for the boost.
  3. Confirm the details and finalize the payment.
  4. That's it! Enjoy your fast FoS dungeon run.

We have also prepared a list of frequently asked questions, so you have more information about the service before buying Forge of Souls boosting.

Where is the Forge of Souls located?

Forge of Souls entrance is located within the Icecrown Citadel itself. The coordinates are 52.2,89.1. Summoning is always possible if you are in another zone, so it's not a problem for our team! However, if the character is already close to the entrance before the run it can speed up the service a little bit.

WotLK Forge of Souls Bosses & Loot

This dungeon consists of 2 bosses that our boosting service will help to defeat.

Forge of Souls Bosses:

  1. Bronjahm.
  2. Devourer of Souls.

All the bosses drop 219 ilvl gear on normal difficulty, which is a great way to gear up newly created 80 lvl characters. Forge of Souls' heroic loot has an ilvl of 232. All bosses drop epic-quality gear both on normal & heroic difficulty.

Forge of Souls Heroic Boost

All Forge of Souls difficulties unlock at level 80. There are no attunements or keys required to enter this dungeon. That means there will be a lot of undergeared groups that will turn your HC Forge of Souls run into a nightmare, especially at the start of the new Phase.

That's where our fast runs at a fair price come into play. Contact us 24/7 via online chat, or Discord and our experts will make the run happen in the shortest time possible.

Forge of Souls