Cenarion War Hippogryph

Cenarion War Hippogryph

Cenarion War Hippogryph is an epic flying mount available in the Burning Crusade Classic WoW. Buying the Hippogryph boost will get you this mount unlocked through farming Exalted reputation level with Cenarion Expedition faction in Outland. Don’t miss out on this rare flying mount of TBC.

Cenarion War Hippogryph carry includes:

  1. Epic flying 280% mount Cenarion War Hippogryph.
  2. Exalted with TBC Cenarion Expedition.
  3. Coilfang Reservoir heroic dungeons attunement (Reservoir Key).
  4. Cenarion Expedition Tabard.
  5. Access to epic recipes for Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Alchemy, Leatherworking, and Jewelcrafting.

Boost takes: 1 day.

We will get your reputation with Cenarion Expedition to exalted and farm 1600 gold on your character. The price for this service can be lowered in case you already have the required amount of gold or a certain amount of reputation.


  • WoW Burning Crusade Classic account;
  • 70 level;
  • this boost is piloted.

Cenarion War Hippogryph Boost Info

Purchasing the Cenarion War Hippogryph carry service will allow you to spend your TBCC gaming time on some more exciting activities while our professional booster grinds the reputation to unlock this epic flying mount. After boosting service completion you will be able to purchase the  Cenarion Hippogryph from the faction vendor in the Zangarmarsh location.

Cenarion War Hippogryph