Division 2 Season 3 Boosting Services

Division 2 Year 5 Season 3 boosting services are here to help you with obtaining all the new and unique weapons and armor, as well as completing the most difficult and tedious challenges this new season has to offer. Get prepared for the new season’s activities by having some of the strongest builds and let our professional players help with obtaining all the necessary equipment for them.

Division 2 Year 5 Season 3 Boosting and New Features

Our Division 2 Season 3 Boosts in Year 5 will help you get the most out of the season, as well as expand your collection with new guns and armor. Here are some of the new features that S3 adds.

New Exotic Weapon

Season 3 of Year 5 brings with it a new exotic weapon – Mosquito Exotic Pistol. It has its own unique talent called the Mosquito Song.

This is how it works: Hitting an enemy applies a stack. Stacks are shared between players. At 10 stacks, the enemy will forcefully target the last player to apply a stack for 5s. Stacks deplete every 5s. Activating the effect on an enemy will remove all stacks from other enemies.

Stats of this weapon and mods are as follows: Magazine Mod: +15% Reload Speed; Muzzle Mod: +15% Weapon Accuracy. This weapon has no functionality in Player-versus-Player (PvP) mode.

If you want to get this weapon without having to grind for a long time, our Division 2 Y5S3 boosting services are exactly what you are looking for.

New Exotic Gear

Another new exotic item that Y5S3 brings into the game is Rugged Gauntlets. The talent you get from it receives the following talent: -50% Recoil Penalty when hip-firing; -50% Recoil Penalty when blind-firing from cover.

Just like with the new exotic weapon, the fastest and easiest way to unlock this piece of gear and start incorporating it into your builds is to use our Division 2 Season 3 boosting services. We will obtain this item for you in the shortest amount of time possible!

New Gear

Two new gear sets are hitting the game with the release of Y5S3. Here is what they would look like:

Gear Set

Talents and Stats

Aegis Gear Set (no functionality in PvP)

  • 2 Pieces equipped give +70 Health
  • 3 Pieces equipped give +15% Total Armor
  • 4 Pieces equipped unlock a new unique Talent
  • Talent Stoic*

Get +3% Damage Resistance for every enemy that is targeting you.

The bonus is multiplied by 1.X, where X is the number of agents in your group.


Chest and Backpack Bonuses:

  • Chest Bonus - Talent Deceit

Enemies targeting your Decoy also count towards the Stoic Damage Reduction bonus.

  • Backpack Bonus - Talent Polyethylene Plating

Increase the Stoic Damage Resistance bonus from 3% to 4%.

Palisade Steelworks Brand Set

  • 1 Piece equipped gives +10% Armor on Kill.
  • 2 Pieces equipped give +60% Health.
  • 3 Pieces equipped give +1 Skill Tier.

Named Chest and Backpack Bonuses: 

  • Named Chest "Combustor" - Talent "Perfectly Explosive Delivery".

Whenever you throw a Skill 1.5 seconds after landing, it creates an explosion damaging enemies within 5m. Afterwards, explosions will occur every 5 seconds.

  • Damage scales with Skill Tier dealing 25-100% damage of a Concussion Grenade.
  • Applies to Remote Pulse, all Turrets, all Hives, Explosive Seeker, Cluster Seeker, Mender Seeker, Decoy and all Traps.
  • Named Backpack "Proxy" - Talent "Perfectly Tamper Proof".

Enemies that walk within 3 meters of your Hive, Turret, Remote Pulse or Decoy are shocked.

  • Arm time: 2 seconds. Cooldown per Skill: 8 seconds.

New Talents and Named Weapons

There are 3 new brand weapons and talents associated with it, that you can also obtain by purchasing our Division 2 Season 3 Year 5 boosting services. Here is what you can get:



Brutus M700 Carbon

Talent "Perfectly Behind You"*

Amplifies weapon damage by +20% to enemies that are not targeting you.

Whisper M16A2

Talent "Perfectly Behind You"

Amplifies weapon damage by +20% to enemies that are not targeting you.

Talent "Behind You"

Amplifies weapon damage by +15% to enemies that are not targeting you.

New Game Mode – Descent

Last but not least, Season 3 Year 5 introduces a new game mode: Descent. This mode is playable both solo and in multiplayer, with up to 3 people accompanying you. Players will have to face waves of enemies with no starting gear, which makes this mode extremely challenging and more skill-based than most other activities in the game. Clearing the Descent will grant you various unique rewards, such as XP, caches, and collectibles. Among other things, by engaging with this mode players will be able to obtain a new exotic rifle – Vindicator.




Talent "Ortiz Assault Interface"

  • While scoped, the weapon will highlight a random body section of each enemy.
  • The weapon deals +40% Weapon Damage to highlighted body sections.

Weapon Stats and Mods

  • Magazine Mod: +5 Magazine Size
  • Muzzle Mod: +10% Optimal Range
  • Underbarrel Mod: +15% Weapon Stability
  • Optics Rail: +15% Weapon Accuracy

As you can see, there is a lot to be excited about in the Season 3 of Year 5 in Division 2, and our boosting services are here to help you get maximum enjoyment out of it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support. We are available 24/7 and are always happy to provide assistance, and even create custom offers that might not be shown on the website. Enhance your Division 2 experience with Boosthive today!

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