SHD Leveling Boost

SHD Leveling

Buy SHD Leveling if you want to make your character in Division 2 even stronger by acquiring a large amount of points that you can spend on leveling up your character's attributes.

Our experts will take care of your Division SHD Leveling Boost immediately after payment for the service, facing the toughest challenges to quickly raise your SHD level. Why spend your own time and effort when you can become a more effective player in Division 2 easily right now?

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: Flexible.

Buying SHD Watch Level Boost includes:

  1. SHD leveling up to level 1000.
  2. Completion of numerous end-game activities.
  3. Retention of all exotics and named items dropped during the boosting process.
  4. Potential increase in Expertise and Proficiency ranks.
  5. Getting all loot obtained during the process.

We offer Division 2 SHD Leveling for sale on all platforms: PC, XBOX and Playstation. The service is performed manually without any bots or third party programs. Before purchasing SHD boost in Division 2, please have a look at the basic requirements.


  • Division 2 account;
  • Level 40 character.

What is SHD Level in Division 2?

SHD Level is a mechanism by which players can further enhance their characters beyond the traditional level cap of 40. It introduces a form of infinite progression, allowing agents to continuously invest points into various stats to fine-tune their playstyle.

How to Access the SHD Watch?

Once you've reached the pinnacle of agenthood at level 40 and completed the Warlords of New York storyline, you'll gain access to Keener’s Watch. This enigmatic device serves as the conduit for SHD Level progression. It's where you'll allocate your hard-earned SHD points to bolster your character's capabilities across different areas such as offense, defense, utility, and more.

How to Gain SHD Experience?

So, how does one gain SHD experience? It's simple - by engaging in the myriad activities that The Division 2 has to offer. Whether you're taking down rogue factions, tackling challenging missions, or participating in open-world events, every action contributes to your SHD progress. Once you've accumulated enough experience points and filled the SHD progress bar, you'll receive a point to invest in your agent's growth.

How Does the SHD Leveling Work in Divison 2?

One of the unique aspects of SHD Leveling is its account-wide progression system. This means that any SHD points you earn on one character are shared across all your characters. So, if you've painstakingly reached a high SHD Level on one agent, your subsequent characters will benefit from the fruits of your labor. It's like building a legacy of strength and expertise that transcends individual characters, making each new agent you create even more formidable.

How Division 2 SHD Leveling works?

We've prepared a short guide to make your purchasing process and experience much better. Here are all the steps:

  1. Please review all details and specify the desired SHD leveling level you require.
  2. Once you've made your selection, proceed to checkout to complete the payment process.
  3. Our support managers will reach out to you within 3–7 minutes to assist further.
  4. Rest assured, our team will handle all preparations for the boosting process.
  5. We're committed to completing your SHD leveling as quickly as possible.

That's it! Enjoy your SHD Level after the service is finished. If you have any questions before buying SHD boosting in Division 2, please contact us via online-chat, or Discord. We will be happy to help with any difficulties or custom requests.

SHD Leveling