Division 2 Builds for Sale

Division 2 builds serve as comprehensive setups or loadouts that encompass gear, weapons, stats, skills, and mods tailored to enhance a character's efficiency and functionality within the game. These builds are essential for tackling various challenges and content offered by The Division 2, providing players with optimized configurations for different playstyles, game modes, and roles.

Best DPS Builds for PvE in Division 2

When it comes to PvE content in The Division 2, several standout DPS builds excel in clearing missions, strongholds, and raids. Assault Rifle builds are favored for their effectiveness in close to mid-ranged combat, whether solo or in groups. Similarly, Submachine Gun builds offer high damage output for close combat encounters, while Rifle and Marksman Rifle builds cater to players preferring ranged combat styles. Additionally, skill builds provide an alternative approach for players favoring cover-based playstyles. These builds are meticulously crafted to maximize damage potential and ensure a smooth PvE experience.

Here are some of the best builds for PvE activities:

  • Heartbreaker PvE Build;
  • Assault Rifle PvE Build;
  • Hunter's Fury SMG Build;
  • Armor Regen Build;
  • Kingbreaker Spotter Build;
  • One-Shot Pistol Build;
  • Legendary Skill Build;
  • Pestilence LMG Build;
  • Negotiator's Build;
  • Kingbreaker Striker Build.

Best PvP Builds in Division 2

For PvP engagements in The Division 2, players can rely on various specialized builds tailored to dominate in both solo and team-based scenarios. Assault Rifle and Submachine Gun builds shine in close to mid-ranged combat situations, offering high damage output against opponents. One-Shot Pistol and Sniper builds provide lethal options for players favoring precision and ranged combat. Moreover, support builds such as Healer and Status Effect builds play crucial roles in team-based PvP modes like Dark Zone and Conflict, ensuring survivability and crowd control to secure victories.

And here you can find some of the best PvP builds for Divison 2:

  • One-Shot Sniper Build;
  • Heartbreaker PvP Build;
  • Striker PvP Build;
  • Assault Rifle PvP Build;
  • Status Effect (Fire) Build;
  • One-Shot Pistol Build;
  • Pulse Resistance Build;
  • Ridgeway's SMG Bleed Build;
  • Catharsis PvP Build.

Best Raid Builds in Division 2

Raids in The Division 2 demand meticulous coordination and specialized builds to overcome their formidable challenges. Among the most popular raid builds are DPS builds, including Assault Rifle and Rifle configurations, optimized for dealing damage to raid bosses and enemies. Healer builds play a vital role in maintaining team survivability, while Tank builds draw enemy fire away from vulnerable teammates. Additionally, Status Effect builds contribute to crowd control, disrupting enemy movements and providing tactical advantages crucial for raid success.

As for raiding we provide a list of the best builds for that as well:

  • Tank Build with Tardigrade Chest;
  • Sniper/Rifle Build with Coyote's Mask;
  • Assault Rifle DPS Build with Coyote's Mask;
  • Healer Build with Future Initiative Set;
  • Boss Killer Build with Scorpio Shotgun;
  • Status Effect Build with Vile Mask.

Best Builds for Legendary Difficulty in Division 2

Legendary difficulty in The Division 2 poses the ultimate challenge, requiring top-tier builds to withstand and overcome its punishing encounters. Legendary Skill builds offer cover-based combat strategies suitable for both solo and group play, leveraging powerful skills and synergies. Armor Regen builds focus on high armor regeneration, ideal for close combat engagements against elite enemies. Meanwhile, Assault Rifle and Sniper builds provide versatile options for players seeking high damage output while navigating the treacherous difficulties of legendary missions. These builds represent the pinnacle of preparation and optimization for conquering the toughest trials in The Division 2.

For legendary difficulty we are offering these builds for you:

  • Legendary Skill Build;
  • Ninjabike Heartbreaker Build;
  • Heartbreaker PvE Build;
  • St Elmo’s Striker Build;
  • Ninjabike Heartbreaker Striker Build;
  • Catharsis PvP Build;
  • Assault Rifle PvE Build.

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