Ouroboros Exotic SMG for Sale

Ouroboros Exotic SMG

The Division 2 Ouroboros is an exclusive Submachine Gun the drops in Paradise Lost Incursion with 1% drop chance and 10% chance for opening cache. Buying Ouroboros at Boosthive you skip a part of grinding and will enjoy the game with a new SMG.

The experts handling the Ouroboros SMG farming are true professionals in Division 2 and have been gaining their experience since the first installment of the game. Their expertise is unquestionable, and the execution of your orders is inspiring. We have Ouroboros for sale so that you don't waste your powers and time but enjoy the game instead.

Start time: 1 hour | Boost takes: Flexible

Ouroboros SMG Boost rewards:

  1. Guaranteed Ouroboros SMG.
  2. completion of Paradise Lost Incursion.
  3. SHD level increase.
  4. Increase in your Season Pass level.
  5. you keep all the loot that dropped during the boost.

The service is available on all platforms. Before buying Ouroboros SMG carry from us, please have a look at the basic requirements.


  • The Division 2 account;
  • Level 40+ character.

How to Get the Ouroboros Exotic SMG in Division 2?

You can obtain Ouroboros SMG by defeating bosses in Paradise Lost Incursion with 1% chance or get it from the cache with 10% chance after finishing Paradise Lost Incursion. Additionally, the Ouroboros SMG can drop from bosses with a 1% chance per boss killed. Importantly, there is no cap on this drop chance, meaning players can repeatedly engage and defeat bosses to increase their chances of obtaining the Ouroboros. This method, combined with the cache reward, offers players multiple opportunities to acquire the coveted Ouroboros in Division 2.

Ouroboros SMG Stats, Mods and Talent

The Ouroboros Exotic SMG boasts impressive stats, mods, and a unique talent that sets it apart from other weapons in The Division 2.

Stats and Mods

  • RPM: The Ouroboros features a rapid rate of fire at 1485 rounds per minute.
  • Magazine: With a 50-round magazine capacity, it offers sustained firepower.
  • Core Attributes: It comes with bonuses to SMG Damage and Critical Hit Chance, enhancing its effectiveness in combat.
  • Attributes: Additionally, it includes a random stat, adding versatility to its customization.
  • Scope Mod: Provides a +10.0% Critical Hit Damage bonus, increasing its damage output.
  • Magazine Mod: Offers a +25.0% Reload Speed bonus, ensuring quick reloading during intense engagements.
  • Underbarrel Mod: Grants a +10.0% Critical Hit Chance bonus, enhancing its critical hit potential.
  • Muzzle Mod: Provides a +10.0% Rate of Fire bonus, further boosting its already high RPM.


The Ouroboros comes equipped with the "Rule them all" Talent, which activates when the agent has a Status Effect applied to them. This talent allows 50% of the ammo in their next magazine to apply the same Status Effect to their targets. This unique ability adds a tactical advantage, allowing players to control the battlefield by spreading status effects among enemies.


The Ouroboros SMG stands out as one of the best weapons in The Division 2 for several reasons:

High RPM: Its rapid rate of fire makes it deadly in close-quarters combat, allowing players to quickly eliminate threats.

Unique Talent: The "Rule them all" Talent provides a strategic edge by spreading status effects, enabling crowd control and facilitating team coordination.

Customization Options: With various mods and attributes, players can tailor the Ouroboros to suit their playstyle, whether focusing on critical hits, reload speed, or other aspects.

Versatility: Its effectiveness extends to both PvE and PvP activities, making it a valuable asset in various game modes and encounters.

In summary, the Ouroboros Exotic SMG combines exceptional stats, versatile mods, and a unique talent to deliver unparalleled performance on the battlefield, earning its reputation as one of the most sought-after weapons in The Division 2.

How Ouroboros SMG Boost Works

The Ouroboros boost service works in a structured manner to ensure a smooth and efficient process for obtaining the Ouroboros SMG in Division 2. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Make a purchase and share your contact details with us.
  2. Expect contact within 4–7 minutes to schedule the boost.
  3. Our team starts Ouroboros SMG boosting promptly.
  4. You are able to monitor progress via an optional live stream.
  5. Order completed upon obtaining Ouroboros SMG.

Additionally, we offer you some ways for additional options or improvements to the service. You can contact the operator via the website chat or Discord to discuss any specific preferences or requirements.

Ouroboros Exotic SMG