Ravenous Exotic Rifle

Ravenous Exotic Rifle

Buy Ravenous Exotic rifle in Division 2 and make your life easier in the game, as you won't have to farm this rifle on your own. What farming are we talking about? You'll have to complete the Operation Iron Horse raid in a team of 8 players, with each player knowing what they're doing.

Our experts solve the problem. They won't claim the drop of the Ravenous Exotic Rifle, providing you with the privilege of exclusively obtaining loot at the end of the raid. However, it's important to understand that the drop rate of this rifle is indeed very low.

Start time: 1 hour | Boost takes: 1 day

Ravenous Exotic rifle Boost rewards:

  1. Guaranteed reception of Ravenous Exotic rifle.
  2. completion of Operation Iron Horse.
  3. SHD level increase.
  4. Increase in your Season Pass level.
  5. you keep all the loot that dropped during the process.

The service is available on all platforms. Before buying Ravenous Exotic rifle carry from us, please have a look at the basic requirements.


  • Division 2 account;
  • Level 40+ character.

How to Get the Ravenous Exotic rifle in Division 2?

In The Division 2, the exotic rifle Ravenous stands as a coveted trophy for agents seeking powerful armaments. It can be acquired by defeating bosses in the Operation Iron Horse raid, from the loot chest at the end of this raid, or by extracting it from the Dark Zone. Each of these methods presents its own challenges and risks, but the reward for bravery and daring can be great.

Here are the drop rates:

In the Operation Iron Horse raid:

The drop chance from individual bosses is approximately 1% per character per weekly reset.

The drop chance from the loot chest at the end of the raid is approximately 10% per character per weekly reset.

In the Dark Zone:

The chance of a random drop in the Dark Zone is around 0.024%.

Ravenous Exotic rifle Stats, Mods and Talent


The Ravenous Exotic rifle boasts formidable damage output with a unique firing mechanism that allows it to unleash devastating salvos upon enemies. Its magazine size and reload time are finely tuned to ensure sustained firepower, while its accuracy and stability enable precise targeting even in the heat of battle. Additionally, it excels across various ranges, making it a versatile option for engagements of all kinds.


Customization options for the Ravenous Exotic rifle are diverse, allowing agents to tailor their weapon to suit their preferred combat style. Attachments such as optics, muzzles, underbarrel accessories, and magazines offer enhancements to accuracy, recoil control, and overall performance, ensuring that the rifle remains adaptable to changing battlefield conditions.

Talent - "Geri and Freki"

At the heart of the Ravenous Exotic rifle lies its unique talent, "Geri and Freki," which embodies its dual-natured prowess. With each trigger pull, both barrels unleash a torrent of firepower, overwhelming adversaries with relentless force. Furthermore, the rifle's ability to add offensive and defensive primers amplifies its effectiveness in combat, providing both offensive damage potential and defensive resilience to its wielder and their allies.

How Ravenous Exotic rifle Boost Works

The Ravenous rifle boost service works in a structured manner to ensure a smooth and efficient process for obtaining the Ravenous Exotic rifle in Division 2. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Make a purchase and share your contact details with us.
  2. Expect contact within 4–7 minutes to schedule the boost.
  3. Our team starts Ravenous Exotic rifle boosting promptly.
  4. You are able to monitor progress via an optional live stream.
  5. Order completed upon obtaining Ravenous Exotic rifle.

Additionally, we offer you some ways for additional options or improvements to the service. You can contact the operator via the website chat or Discord to discuss any specific preferences or requirements.

Ravenous Exotic Rifle