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Season Journey

The Season Journey service is an special system of achievements which provide rewards including new profile borders, full seasonal set gear and cosmetic items. Also you may choose additional chapters for full Season Journey. This service includes 1-70 power-leveling.

ETA: ~10-12 hours for each part


  • Free 1-70 leveling included
  • Default product includes Chapter I, II, III and IV with full armor set for your character, pet (the Dream of Piers) and season 7 portrait frame
  • Seasonal Slayer with portrait frame reward
  • Seasonal Champion with portrait frame reward
  • Seasonal Destroyer with portrait frame reward
  • Seasonal Conqueror with portrait frame reward and one additional stash tab
  • Seasonal Guardian with the Valor Portrait Frame and Angelic Treasure Goblin pet

Please note that currently we support only PC.


  • Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls
  • Accplay(piloted)
  • This service is only available to seasonal characters

Each additional season chapter requires the previous one.