Revision Zero

Revision Zero

Buying the Revision Zero (DMT) exotic is by far the fastest way to get this 3-firing mod pulse rifle. Revision Zero is a must-have in your guardian's gun collection. D2 Revision Zero weapon was added in Season of the Seraph and was available for farming via Operation: Seraph Shield exotic quest. However, sadly the Revision Zero quest has been vaulted, and cannot be completed anymore until now in Season 22 we are getting rotator secret missions.

Resource farming is way less exciting than completing unique quests so the Operation: Seraph Shield mission completion is returning and bringing a craftable Revision Zero carry service like previously. Forget about tedious grinding when purchasing Revision Zero exotic farming services.

Start time: 15-30 minutes / Boost takes: 1 hour per run.

Revision Zero exotic carry includes:

  1. Revision Zero exotic pulse rifle (one random roll).
  2. Seraph Shield mission completion.
  3. Season of the Seraph weapons and armor drops.
  4. A lot of exp for the seasonal artifact.

Another top perk of the Revision Zero pulse rifle is that each progressive kill will stack up a buff and at 6 stacks you may go for a full-blown sniper rifle mod. This makes Revision Zero a very deadly long/mid-range distance tool.

We offer Revision Zero gun for sale for every player of D2, however, please read through our basic requirements for this type of boosting service.


  • 1800+ power level;
  • D2 Which Queen DLC or Season of the Seraph;
  • this boost is a recovery (piloted).

How to Get Revision Zero and Catalyst in 2023

When this pulse rifle was initially added to D2, the only way to obtain it was the completion of the Operation Seraph Shield quest. Altho the quest doesn't exist anymore the mission will be on a weekly rotator since the launch of Season 22. With no alternative ways for Revision Zero grinding, and general askings of the players this was addressed and returned as an exotic mission rotator. This is why we offer Revision Zero exotic for sale. Forget about the tedium of resource farming with our services.

Revision Zero catalyst was obtained from the legendary version of the Seraph Shield mission by finding the dead Exo's hidden through. The best part of the Revision Zero Catalyst was that every new Exo gave a new catalyst for you to craft. So the weapon really sticks to its craftable nature in every part. However, Legendary Operation: Seraph Shield is difficult so our Revision Zero carry will take care of the catalyst, relieving you from stress and saving a lot of personal time.

Is Revision Zero Rifle Good?

The main feature of this pulse rifle is its 3 ways of firing, depending on the situation, which makes it one of the most unique exotic weapons in D2. Additionally, you can craft it as you desire, with a decent perk pool. Another advantage of the Revision Zero pulse rifle is the fact that it actually has Anti-Barrier rounds which is always great against these types of champions. This makes this weapon one of the deadliest choices at a long-range distance. And finally, it will become craftable in Season 22.

Here are some of the advantages that this gun provides to its users:

  • it is the only rifle that has 2 different standard mods of firing speed and strength;
  • it has the Hunter's Trace perk that can turn it into a sniper rifle;
  • it is one of the deadliest long-range exotics in the game;
  • it has a craftable perk pool unlike any exotic craft before;
  • it has intrinsic anti-barrier capabilities which is essential for PVE.

As you can see there are many nice things about this weapon, which make it relevant even to this day. If you decide to buy Revision Zero, you can see just how powerful this rifle is for you.

If you have any questions about the service, don’t hesitate to contact us via Discord, Skype, or online chat. Our customer support is available 24/7 and is always happy to assist.

Revision Zero