Pyrogale Gauntlets Exotic

Pyrogale Gauntlets

Pyrogale Gauntlets are the new exotic gauntlets for Titans presented in Season of the Witch. The Pyrogale Gauntlets exotic carry is single or multiple runs to a specific Lost sector until the gauntlets drop. Pyrogale Gauntlets exotic boost will provide you with a pro guardian player who will complete the required Lost Sector on Legend or Master difficulty.

Like every other D2 class exotics, Pyrogale Gauntlets provide specific buffs to some of the Titan abilities, weapons, or both. Ever wanted more ranged one-and-done supers for Titans, well Pyrogale Gauntlets make your Burning Mauld and Consecration ranged and unlish cyclones of Solar rage. Buy Pyrogale Gauntlets for Titan and receive a powerful and beautiful exotic that will help you in any play mode in the game right from the start of the Season.

Start time: 15-30 minutes / Boost takes: ~1 hour per exotic.

D2 Pyrogale Gauntlets boosting rewards:

  1. Exotic Pyrogale Gauntlets Titan hand option.
  2. Lost Sector completed.
  3. A chance to get other exotics that are in the rotation.
  4. A few enhancement cores and enchantment prisms after each run.
  5. Other items and resources that will drop during Exotic farm.
  6. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.

Note: The exotic is locked behind a rotating Lost Sector loop. If the day you purchase Pyrogale Gauntlets is not the rotator day, we will complete it as soon as that day comes (roughly once in 4 days).

The 1st available Pyrogale Gauntlets farm is on 8/26/2023.


  • 2000+ power level;
  • Lightfall DLC available.
  • this boost is a recovery (piloted).

How To Get Pyrogale Gauntlets

Every Season there is a new exotic armor piece for every class. Season 22 is not different in these terms and presents us with nice and shiny and most importantly strong choices when it comes to armor. Pyrogale Gauntlet's meta could possibly shake the game and should provide titans with more range option supers which were asked a lot by the community.

Pyrogale Gauntlets 100% guaranteed will be locked in one of the rotating Lost Sectors located in one of many D2 destinations. The drop chance is not 100% in any of the difficulties, around 25% in Legend and 33% in Master but we will continue Pyrogale Gauntlets farming until it's in your collection regardless.

Buying Pyrogale Gauntlets Farm

That's why we offer Pyrogale Gauntlets for sale for all the players who get tired of doing endless repeatable Lost Sectors every day. Our professional sherpa boosters know the best and most optimal sources and methods to complete your order fast and easily while you enjoy your free time.

In case you still have any questions before getting our Destiny 2 Pyrogale Gauntlets carries service, you can always contact our managers via online chat, Skype, or Discord. We are online 24/7 and ready to help.

Pyrogale Gauntlets