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Pit of Heresy Boost

Pit of Heresy boost is a single run through the new 3-ppl dungeon in D2 added in Season of Undying.

Carry takes 2 hours.

To be able to join the Pit of Heresy dungeon you have to complete The Deepening Wake Quest. Please select that option if you didn't complete it.

Pit of Heresy boosting includes:

  • Fast completion of Pit of Heresy dungeon;
  • Pinnacle reward;
  • A lot of legendary loot;

Additional options:

  • Selfplay - you will play with our team during the run
  • Solo Flawless Completion - Pit of Heresy runs without a single death. Please NOTE that this service is possible only with account sharing.


  • Shadowkeep addon purchased;
  • This boost is piloted & requires account sharing
Pit of Heresy