The Messenger Adept

The Messenger Adept

The Messenger Adept is the returning 340 RPM king of all Pulse Rifles. Adept The Messenger carry provides a guaranteed drop for reaching flawless and looting the Lighthouse chest. It is then a random drop from the Trials activity once you reach Flawless and keep the 7.0 passage on any of your characters. With our Messenger Adept boost, you can loot as many as you need for the perfect god roll.

Adept The Messenger farm includes any amount of this Pulse Rifles. The biggest advantage are the Adept mods and a bigger stat bump at masterwork. The 340 rpm Pulse Rifles are the best archetype in PvP, and The Messenger was always one of the top 3 best even surpassing something like No Time To Explain. Buying The Messenger Adept is prior to any guardian who values their time and wants to play the expansion with the best arsenal at hand.

Start time: 15-30 minutes / Boost takes: 2h approx (before reaching flawless); 30m-1h (after reaching flawless).

D2 The Messenger Adept boosting rewards:

  1. The desired amount of Legendary The Messenger Adept obtained.
  2. A lot of legendary Trials gear while farming for The Messenger Adept.
  3. Trials reputation progress.
  4. All resources that come along the way.
  5. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.

Important: This service is the Adept version of the gun, if you want the basic version of the weapon, please click the additional option.

The Messenger Adept is only farmable when Trials of Osiris is active and it is in the loot pool. Saint's reward track weapons are randomly rolled every week. If the weapons he's giving have terrible perks, just continue to farm for a better one.


  • 1800+ power level;
  • Lightfall DLC or Season of the Witch.

How To Get The Messenger Adept HC 

A new reputation system was introduced in Trials of Osiris in Season 15. You need to reach a certain rank now in order to get the basic version of the desired weapon. The requirement for The Messenger is Rank, which will unlock the reward with the Saint-14 vendor. You can expect Masterwork materials and Trials-themed weapons to increase your reputation with Saint.

The Messenger Adept boosting is only available via the competitive PVP mode, Trials of Osiris. Unlike the basic version, Adept The Messenger is only obtained via the 7.0 Passage. After that, you can farm for it with your Flawless Ticket as much as you want until Trials expire. Distinctive from other activities, this crucible event has an ever-changing loot pool that switches every week. Because of this nuance, some weeks won't have any The Messenger in that loot pool.

The Messenger Adept God Roll

Though Pulse Rifles used to be more PvP weapons, in recent seasons Kinetic Tremors was introduced which made pulse rifles better in PvE overall. Rapid Hit and Kill Clip is a beloved perk combo that we needed here and it is now present. Also worth considering is the Headseeker as it is much more stable. Those perks are the best for Crucible in our opinion. Having that said our team has stated the Messenger god roll and it looks like this:

PvE God Roll PvP God Roll

Arrowhead Break

Arrowhead Break

Flared Magwell

Ricochet Rounds


Rapid Hit

Kinetic Tremors

Kill Clip, Headseeker

Masterworks: Handling or Stability.

Masterworks: Range.

The best part of the Trials activity is that you may farm for the weapon endlessly, so we offer The Messenger Adept for sale to save your precious time and get the best bow in the game with the best rolls currently.

The Messenger Adept