Champ Seal Boost

Guardian Games Seal (Champ Title)

Buy Champ Title here at Boosthive and receive those rewards quickly and without any stress. There are multiple triumphs you have to complete in order to receive this title, and some of them might be difficult to accomplish even for seasoned Destiny 2 players.

Champ Title boosting is a fast and easy way to accomplish everything required to obtain this seal and title in Destiny 2. Our professional teams will complete all the triumphs for you, and all that will be left is to enjoy the rewards!

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Champ Title carry includes:

  1. Champ title unlock.
  2. Selected Triumphs completed.
  3. All the loot including Rares and Legendaries dropped during the service.
  4. Glimmer, consumables, and EXP for Artifact and the Season Pass.
  5. Manual service completion.
  6. Other loot that might drop during the Champ Title boost.

We offer Champ title carry on all platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. However, before you buy this service, please make sure to take a look at the basic requirements for it.


  • 1770+ Power level;
  • The Guardian Games event must be active.

How it Works

If you are interested in buying Champ title and Champ Seal boost but aren’t sure how to do it, we have prepared this detailed breakdown of the entire procedure.

How to buy Champ title boosting service:

  1. Select your already completed triumphs if there are any.
  2. Purchase the service and wait 3 to 7 minutes for us to contact you.
  3. We will specify all the required information and schedule the boost.
  4. Relax as our professional team clears all the triumphs so you can enjoy the rewards!

If you have more questions before you buy Champ seal or want to add something extra to your service – don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. Our customer service team is available 24/7 and is always ready to assist. Make your Destiny 2 adventure more fun with Boosthive today!

Champ Title Triumphs Boosting

You might be wondering if you can postpone obtaining the Champ title, but unfortunately, you cannot. Obtaining the title is only possible during the Guardian Games event, and this seal can only be earned by completing activities related to it. Fortunately, we are ready to assist you in making the process of obtaining the Champ Title as fast as possible due to Champ Seal carry.

Champ Title Triumphs

Champ seal:

  • Pull Some Strings: Achieve 1500 final blows using the Strand weapon. Assisting teammates also contributes to this challenge.
  • In the Cards: Finish both regular and Platinum Contender Cards.
  • Good Games: Defeat 800 enemies in the Guardian Games playlist or Supremacy game mode.
  • Up for the Challenge: Successfully complete Nightfall operations in the Guardian Games playlist.
  • Classy Arsenal: Eliminate 200 targets with either The Title or Taraxippos.
  • Class Pride: Conclude Supremacy or Guardian Games playlist activities with teammates from the same class via team-based matchmaking.
  • Bronze: Accumulate 100 points by depositing medallions at the Tower.
  • Silver: Gather 200 points by depositing medallions at the Tower.
  • Gold: Amass 300 points by depositing medallions at the Tower.
  • Platinum: Earn 400 points by depositing medallions at the Tower.
  • Cloudrunning: Finish patrols, Terminal Overload, and other activities on Neptune.
  • In It to Win It: Obtain any medallion by completing activities anywhere in the system and then deposit it at the Tower.
  • Circuit Training: Achieve 1200 activity points by completing Dares of Eternity, Vanguard Ops playlist activities, or Defiant Battlegrounds.
  • Friendly Rivalry: Participate in 6 Supremacy or Gambit matches.
  • Talented Scout: Defeat 600 enemies using Scout Rifles.
  • Crest Collector: Gain 50 points in Supremacy by collecting crests after defeating an enemy.

Gilded champ seal:

  • Going the Distance: Reach 600 points by depositing medallions at the Tower. Depositing higher-tier Gold or Platinum medallions yields a greater score.
  • Hall of Fame: Flawlessly complete a Guardian Games Nightfall, score at least 30 points in Supremacy, and complete the match.
  • Record Setter: Finish 15 Platinum Contender Cards.
  • Grand Slam: Attain a Platinum Score in the Guardian Games Nightfall playlist.

If you already have one or more completed triumphs, simply let us know, and we will give you a juicy discount on a Champ Seal boosting!

Guardian Games Seal (Champ Title)