Divinity Trace Rifle

Divinity Trace Rifle

There are only four trace rifles in D2 and Divinity is one of them. Buying Divinity exotic gun will allow you to deal a great amount of damage while also weakening the enemies. WIth Judgement and Penance perks this unique rifle acts both as a supporting gun ad a huge damage dealer.

The Divinity exotic trace rifle boost requires players to complete the full Gardens of Salvation raid in one single run. That makes Divinity carry even more challenging.

D2 Divinity trace rifle exotic boosting service includes:

  • exotic weapon - Divinity Trace Rifle obtained;
  • Garden of Salvation raid cleared;
  • all armor and weapon rewards from the GoS raid.

Boost ETA: 24 hours.

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

Right before buying our one-day Divinity Trace Rifle carry service we encourage you to look through the basic requirements that need to be met for this boost to be successful.


  • 1350+ Power Level;
  • Shadowkeep DLC purchased and active;
  • Shadowkeep campaign unlocked;
  • this boost is a recovery (piloted).

Why do you need to buy Divinity Trace Rifle?

The idea behind this rifle is not to deal as much damage to your enemies as possible, although it does hit pretty hards, that is not its main perk. With the purchase of the Divinity exotic carry, you receive a utility tool that can boost the DPS of your whole party. Isn’t it cool?

So how does Divinity exotic rifle works? This utility effect comes from one of two main exotic perks that you have from this rifle.

  1. Judgement – the sustained damage weakening and disrupts the target.
  2. Penance – Targets that stay under the Judgement long enough are struck with a burst of damage.

Therefore as the first effect boosts the damage of the other players the second one allows you to catch up with them by dealing some amazing critical strikes. Overall it is a well balanced exotic rifle that is a must-have in D2 PvE content.

How does Divinity Trace Rifle boost work?

There is only one way to acquire this rifle and it is by completing the Divine Fragmentation quest leading to the Garden of Salvation raid. There you will have to complete the laser puzzles and defeat the last boss in the same raid run. That is quite challenging, therefore we offer you help from our professional boosters.

The Divinity trace rifle carry process will begin only after you make an order on our website and one of our managers will deal with it. It should not take more than 5 minutes so here how it should be done.

  1. Buy the Divinity trace rifle boost on our website.
  2. Our support manager will contact you almost immediately to clarify all the details.
  3. Together you schedule the most convenient time for the Divinity boost.
  4. Our boosting team will help you complete the “Divine Fragmentation” quest.
  5. In about 24 hours you will receive the trace rife that you aimed for.

With our professional Divinity and GoS carry service you will not have to experience lengthy boss encounters and multiple wipes before getting to your desired loot. Getting exotic weapons should be as fun as using them, that is why Boosthive is here!

Divinity Trace Rifle