Dead Messenger

Dead Messenger

Buying the Dead Messenger exotic grenade launcher service is the fastest way to get it into the guardian’s loadout. D2 Dead Messenger weapon boost not only allows you to get this awesome gun but farm additional weekly pinnacle gear and armor no longer present in the game, with this replayable mission. The Dead Messenger weapon was added in Season of the Risen and vas available for farming via Vox Obscura Exotic Quest carry.

Starting from Season 22 Vox Obscura will be in the exotic missions rotator so those who slept on the king of wave frame GLs who themselves are the kings of any type of ad clear. The main feature of this Grenade Launcher is the Trinary Vision perk which makes the grenade projectile upon impact send waves of energy damaging everything close to them. There's also a perk, called The Fundamentals, that lets you switch between Solar, Void, and Ark, which makes this weapon any light subclass ad clear in one.

Start time: 15-30 minutes / Boost takes: 30 mins per run.

Dead Messenger Exotic grenade launcher boost includes:

  1. Dead Messenger Exotic Grenade Launcher unlocked.
  2. Exotic Mission Vox Obscure completed.
  3. Pinnacle gear for the first weekly mission completion.
  4. All additional drops that you obtain during the quest.
  5. Experience boost for your artifact and season pass level.

We offer Dead Messenger gun for sale for every player of D2, however, please read through our basic requirements for this type of boosting service.


  • 1800+ powerlevel / 1815+ powerlevel for Catalyst obtain;
  • Witch Queen DLC available;
  • this boost is a recovery (piloted).

D2 Vox Obscura Mission Carry

Vox Obscura returns as a playable mission is the newest quest added in Season 22 that introduces the exotic mission rotator which allows you to unlock and loot the exotic grenade launcher without question. Although we offer you to buy the Vox Obscura mission boost you can always try to complete it yourself.

To unlock the Vox Obscura mission and try your chances to get a perfect seasonal exotic grenade launcher, players used to complete a few pre-requirements to get the DM quest.

Here is a brief guide on how the Vox Obscura and Dead Messenger were unlocked.

  1. Complete the 1st WQ Campaign Mission (once you get the artifact).
  2. Complete Rising Tensions Caiatle Mission (new PsiOps Battlegrounds),
  3. Operation Elbrus completed.
  4. After talking with Caiatle take the Vox Obscura mission.

The Vox Obscura quest is a cool and fun mission that has lots of cabal equipment to use, such as a tank! Although it may seem easy at first the fights are extremely hard and may result in multiple attempts, wipes, and wasted time. To avoid that we offer you the fast Vox Obscura carry service that will allow you to easily complete the quest and boost your Guardian with the Dead Messenger grenade launcher.

Dead Messenger Grenade Launcher Carries

The Dead Messenger quest is just the challenge so that players like you and us can get their hands on the unique exotic weapon in the game. Therefore, Dead Messanger boosting is the tool to do that faster and more efficiently.

Our professional carry team will gladly assist you in your first or x2 weekly attempts in getting the best roll of this cool exotic gun. So whether you want to unlock the Vox Obscura and get your Dead Messenger exotic or wish to farm some pinnacles and armor, Boosthive can help you with both. Our professional D2 boosting team can get you the DM launcher in a matter of hours without any stress!

Don’t forget that our Dead Messenger Grenade Launcher carry has a 100% guarantee on order completion meaning that you will get exactly what you have paid for.

Dead Messenger