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EA Sports FC objectives boosting is the fastest way to earn rewards for your Ultimate Team Club and progress through the Ultimate Team Season. Whether you're aiming to complete Season, Event, XP, or other objectives, our team of seasoned professionals is here to assist you via EAS FC carry services.

EA Sports Objectives Boosting FAQ

Our pro carry team is always prepared to complete the various objectives required for players to compete and earn exclusive seasonal rewards from the battle pass. With numerous objectives to grind, it can be challenging to keep track of them all. Rest assured, our team is here to assist you in accomplishing these objectives.

Here is a list of our objectives boost services:

  1. Season objectives.
    • daily objectives;
    • weekly objectives;
    • season objectives;
    • dynamic objectives.
  2. Event objectives.
  3. XP objectives.
  4. Other objectives.
    • foundation objectives;
    • milestone objectives.

Season Objectives

In each Season, there will be a variety of objectives that allow players to earn XP or other rewards and increase their reward level.

Daily Objectives

These objectives are released on a daily basis and completing them will grant players XP towards their season rewards. However, it is important to note that daily objectives expire after 24 hours.

Weekly Objectives

Weekly objectives, on the other hand, are groups of objectives that reward players for completing individual objectives as well as a bonus for completing the entire set. It is crucial to complete these objectives within the week they are released, as they cannot be completed again if missed.

If you miss a week’s Objectives, you won’t be able to complete them again.

Season Objectives

Season objectives have a longer availability period and remain accessible until the end of the season. Once they are live in the game, players can work towards completing them throughout the season.

Dynamic Objectives

Additionally, there are dynamic objectives which are special limited-time objectives. These objectives do not follow a regular release schedule and have set end times determined by the dynamic objective group. They are often tied to Ultimate Team campaigns or real-world events that are reflected in the game during the season.

What are Event Objectives?

Event objectives, when completed, contribute to the overall progress of events and are tied to team and community events. These objectives can be viewed on the general objectives screen.

XP and Season Reward Level

Completing objectives will earn players season XP, which increases their reward level for the current season. Each time enough XP is earned to reach a new season level, a new reward is granted on the season rewards screen. Some levels offer a choice of rewards, but once a choice is made, the other options cannot be selected. At the end of each season, the reward level and XP total will reset. Any unclaimed objectives will be automatically delivered to players at the start of the new season.

Other Objectives

Foundation Objectives

Lastly, there are foundation objectives which are designed to teach players the key aspects of Ultimate Team. These objectives are particularly helpful for newcomers to the game mode, as they provide guidance on how to play.

Milestone Objectives

Milestone Objectives are long-term universal Objectives that aren’t tied to a Season and will be active through the whole cycle.

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