Mobile Legends Mythical Boosting

Mythic Rank
125Mythical Honor50Mythical Glory100Mythical Immortal150200
Estimated time for boost: 9 days
Choose your current & desired number of stars
125Mythical Honor50Mythical Glory100Mythical Immortal150200
Estimated time for boost: 9 days

Mobile Legends Mythical boost is your ideal way to the top-class MLBB game experience. Reach the pinnacle of gameplay as our expert boosters guide you from Mythic to Mythical Immortal. With tailored MLBB Mythical boosting strategies, personalized coaching, and unmatched expertise, we'll help you climb the ranks swiftly and effortlessly.

The Boosthive team provides a wide variety of MLBB Mythical boosting options. From self-play to piloted, we have prepared options for players of all levels. Join us on the path to victory and dominate the battlefield like never before with our MLBB Mythical carry.

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: flexible.

Mobile Legends Mythic boost includes:

  1. Chosen number of stars in Mythic or Higher (up to 200 Stars).
  2. Up to Mythical Immortal rank.
  3. Providing you with better rewards when the Season ends.

Additional options:

  • We can upgrade your meta heroes and emblems to 45 if you didn’t achieve that level yet.
  • Mythic Calibration - pick this option if you haven't completed Calibration yet.

Important: please check the list of meta heroes below. We need you to have at least 4 of them to get you to the desired Mythic level. If you don’t have any, mention this in your order details.


  • Moonton account;
  • whether you choose self-play mode, please follow our instructions.
  • all current emblems (assassin and mage) and meta heroes higher than 45.

Recommendations for Selfplay MLBB Mythic Carry

If you decide to carry Mythic in a self-play mode, we ask you to follow our recommendations. These points will help you to get the desired achievement hassle-free and noteless.

  1. You must pick only TANK and SUPPORT characters while playing in a team with our boosters.
  2. If you choose TANK character: buy Roum boots (buff Conceal) > Athena Shield > Courage Mask > other items suggested in-game.
  3. If you choose SUPPORT character: buy Roum boots (buff Conceal) > other items suggested in-game.
  4. Battle spell: Revitalize.
  5. You should only follow the booster on the Mid-lane without helping other teammates.
  6. You should only ban heroes suggested by our team during the draft mode. 

Following all these recommendations, you will receive brilliant gaming experience with our professional players and achieve all your goals with a maximum profit.

Meta Heroes List for MLBB Mythical Boost

This is the list of meta heroes available in the current season, actual for February 2024. You should obtain at least 4+ of them to unlock piloted services on your account.

  • Roam: Minotaur, Tigrill.
  • Fighters: Ruby, Chong, Guinevere, Martis.
  • Marksman: Brodie, Claude, Carrie, Wan-Wan, Bruno.
  • Mage: Vexana, Lunox, Lylia, Aurora, Nana.
  • Jungle: Joy, Nolan, Arlott, Fanny.

Do you have any questions left before buying MLBB Mythic boost? Contact our support team! We are available 24/7 to answer any questions from you and ensure your best experience with Boosthive.