Tarkov Kaban Boss Carry

Kaban Boss Farm

Buy Kaban Boss Carry if you need a quick and guaranteed defeat of the Kaban boss during a quest or just for the loot. Oh, the loot! A variety of top-tier weapons and sturdy armor await. On the Streets of Tarkov, you'll encounter many rivals eager to snatch the boss's drop.

Entrust Kaban boss boosting to our specialists. We'll not only defeat all NPC enemies but also take care of your competitors among the PMC. We'll ensure that you get the coveted loot. Simply order the Tarkov Kaban kill carry service, and we'll handle the rest.

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: flexible.

EFT Kaban boost includes:

  1. Chosen amount of Kaban kills.
  2. Boss and follower loot.
  3. XP and PMC skill boost.
  4. Guaranteed item drops.
  5. Discount on future raids.

Before buying EFT Kaban boosts from us, please have a look at the basic requirements.


  • Escape from Tarkov bought on your account.

Please note: Please note: By default, this service will be completed using the Piloted method. If you're interested in a Self-play, please select it in the options or contact us via chat.

Possible Loot from EFT Kaban Boss

Kaban Boss has become a favorite among Escape from Tarkov players, offering various types of weapons, including those dropped by his minions. Here are some desired items:

  • Kalashnikov PKM 7.62x54R machine gun;
  • Freeman crowbar;
  • UVSR Taiga-1 survival machete;
  • Serdyukov SR-1MP Gyurza 9x21 pistol;
  • "Aspect" company office key;
  • RPK-16 5.45x39 light machine gun;
  • Makarov PM 9x18PM pistol;
  • TT-33 7.62x25 TT pistol;
  • Car dealership closed section key;
  • Lebedev PL-15 9x19 pistol;
  • PKP 7.62x54R infantry machine gun;
  • RGD-5 hand grenade;
  • 6Kh5 Bayonet;
  • Bars A-2607 95Kh18 knife.

How Tarkov Kaban Kill Carry Works

Want to Buy Tarkov Kaban kill? There is nothing easier than that! For your convenience, we've divided the purchase and order completion process into 5 simple parts. Here they are:

  1. Select Kaban kills quantity.
  2. Add extra options.
  3. Complete purchase at check-out.
  4. Provide contact and character details.
  5. Expect our contact within 4–7 minutes.
  6. Boost initiation shortly after.
  7. Notification upon completion. Kindly leave feedback.

If you have any additional requests regarding your order or if you'd like to order something beyond the Kaban boss boosting, feel free to write to us in the chat on the website or contact us on Discord 24/7. We won't overlook your wishes and will address them promptly.

Kaban Boss Farm